Its all about the service…

If theres one thing I have learned since starting bluehost, its that customer service is EVERYTHING! Although it is simply to understand, it is very difficult to implement perfectly. We can never satisfy everyone, but we do our best to exceed expectations.

It is expensive to give proper customer service, and so I know most web hosting companies won’t compete with us. Its simple really. If I wouldn’t like it myself then I don’t make our customers go through it either. When I have to call into the company I wait just like any other customer. I want to see how long I am on hold. If it exceeds 120 seconds then we failed and its time to hire more support engineers. Last Monday we took over 1100 phone calls! That is a LOT! Our average hold time that day was less than 90 seconds. We aren’t perfect, but we are getting there. At first my attitude was that I would rather the company make a lot less $$ now, so that we can compete effectively in the long run as far as customer service is concerned. Now I KNOW the reason we are successful is because of customer service!

You can count on us getting better and better. I am entirely focused on making Bluehost the premiere hosting company for features and service. Please stick with us on this journey. I want you to keep being “pleasantly surprised”.


Matt Heaton / President

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  1. Aside from finding Bluehost affordable with lots of accessible features
    (i’m a consultant who gets to figure out problems for my customers-
    -sort of a random troubleshooter ranging from web/podcasts to
    systems and server integration etc) in the few times I’ve called
    Bluehost support I experienced amazingly coherent, comprehensive and efficient service. Compared to the times I’ve contacted (insert Telecommunications company name here)-I am not only impressed,
    but confident that I’ve found a service that I’m happy to recommend to my
    friends and customers. Pleasantly Surprised is an understatement.

  2. Dear Matt,

    It´s a brave and almost an impossible task to satisfy everybody but showing Your Customers you really care is already a starting point for a good customer service improvement.

    You can count on in this journey.


    Jc Omary

  3. Eric Mill says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the colored rectangle that heads this site ought to be blue?

  4. RJ says:

    I’ve used several hosting companies and your customer service is truly exceptional. Thanks for the great service!

  5. Matt,

    I found you a couple of years ago when I had to find a hosting company for one of my clients, billy blues. I was so pleased with your service, that I signed up for myself. I than told another client, Streamline Computers, to check you out. Butch was so pleased that he started moving his clients over to BlueHost. Keep up the good work. I am here to stay.

  6. Julie says:

    All i can say is Thankyou.
    Not much more to add than whats already been said other than Bluehost being perfect for newbies. THe staff and very patient and helpful no matter how much they are bugged with silly questions :)

  7. Niles says:

    I don’t know if customer service is everything but it sure is good. The price, features as well as relibility are also great. Keep up the good work :O).


  8. REN JIN LEE says:

    – ren jin lee

  9. Rob says:

    I want to give props to the tech who has worked w/ me on the phone on arriving a solution to the nested sub-domain conundrum.

    In my 2 weeks of Bluehost experience, the support and solutions received from the Phone is much better than that from email correspondance. Perhaps my problems are very unique and too technical to communicate over an email.

    In the end, both myself and the Bluehost staff learned something about the limit of the system and came to a solution that is satisfactory.

    Keep up the synergy.

    p.s. I believe it was Thursday or Friday, around 2-3pm PST. It took less than 15-20 minutes for us to solve the nested sub-domain problem.

  10. Moneeb says:

    your customer service is very good. there is always good support available.

    HOWEVER, you should IMPROVE your affliate program. Make it something like mediatemple’s. At the moment, it is very defficult to use your program, as people are unlikely to buy hosting the first time they see your site.

    With mediatemples’s system, the new customer types in the referrers code. This is a better system, and this will work as both parties will receive benefits. New customer – a 10% discount. Referrer – £10.

    What do you think?

  11. Pamela Dodd says:

    Heard about you by recommendation. As a new website owner, I’m learning to take the advice of folks who have more experience than me. Saves a lot of heartache. I initially had a host who said all the right things on their website, but ended up having lousy customer service. I got long gaps between my contact and their responses and boilerplate emails that didn’t answer my questions. There was also a language problem; customer service reps didnt know English well enough. Keep up the great work! I’m hooked on BlueHost!

  12. eric says:

    After searching for nice features and good pricing, I stumbled upon bluehost.

    I hit a technical problem or two transferring 4 domains over (while keeping my DNS records at my ISP). Expecting a nightmare, I called your tech support. 10 minutes later I was an extremely happy camper, and my setup was working perfectly.

    Kudos to you all, and keep striving for perfection. I’ve recommended tons of friends and clients to you not not because of technical superiority and price (both important and what attracted me at first) but because “you can get them on the phone when you break stuff”.

    The support you provide is worth twice what you’re charging.

  13. Eric Mill says:

    Did the Ruby on Rails rollout go as planned?

  14. John Thomas says:

    Once again… great product and service! Thank you.

  15. Amber says:

    Hi! I hope you received my email back to you regarding “saying a few words about bluehost” I agree about customer service and bluehost has been excellent. I have NEVER had a problem with bluehost that hasn’t been taken care of. Actually there has only been a total of twice that I have needed some help and it was only because I didn’t know what I was doing. lol! At any rate I love bluehost and I’m glad I chose you guys for my host.

  16. Hello ! We are very satisfied how BLUEHOST work. We recommend all the time our customers to change their homepages in BlueHost.
    Keep up the really GOOD work ! :)

  17. I have been with a number of big and good web hosts in the past. You have a great product and services. Most important is that you do not have any nag screens. Thank you.

  18. Frank L says:

    Based on my first year’s experience I think you’re meeting your goals on uptime and customer service. — Congratulations.

  19. Jakki says:

    Hello. I just wanted to chime in and say that I have only had to call customer service twice so far but each time the operator has been extremely helpful and patient. This means a lot to me because this is my first experience with hosting. There was so much to learn and understand but your services have made the process easy. It has been such a pleasant surprise because I was unsure of what to expect when I signed up for Bluehost. I didn’t know much about choosing a host so I picked the company that seemed to offer the best value to me and hoped for the best. I have been so impressed with the quality of service you provide to your customers that I have enthusiastically recommended Bluehost to anyone I talk to who is looking for hosting. Thank you for taking the time to develop such wonderful customer service. I know beginniners like me will always appreciate it and stick with your company.

  20. Kurt Damron says:

    I can’t say enough about Bluehost. I have never been so satisfied with a service provider of any kind. The customer service is exceptional, and I never expected to be taken care of so thoroughly and with such speed and joy. I will always use Bluehost and I will definitely promote Bluehost all I can.

  21. Edward says:

    Bluehost has my business forever. I have called in two times and the support was like gold. I never knew you could honestly get so many features with a hosting company & for low price! Keep up the good work and its plain sight why has swept the market.

  22. marco says:

    I just sign up with bluehost not long ago and had to call tech support with some script settings. the tech ppl are very knowageable. The wait time during evening sometime got very bad. A good idea is to actaly post the call queue number on your website, that way people know how many ppl are in line before they call. And people who don’t need help right away likey would call in off peak hours

  23. Michael E says:

    Bluehost rocks! I have recommended you guys over and over again and will continue to do so. Whether it’s concerning the excellent technical support or just the overall product – you guys are a home run.


  24. Dawn says:

    Ive used bluehost for a year now and had very little trouble, when i first started using bluehost for my baby product store i had problems with the server, so blue host moved me to a new box and not once have i had trouble there after. Glad you have chosen to spend money to keep the hackers at bay. You only get something out when you put something in…

    Thank you and keep up the great work.


  25. Pet Campbell says:

    I thinkI have expressed how I feel
    Keep up the awesome work..

  26. Walker says:

    After a horrible experience with a host that was nothing to *dream* about, one that certainly didn’t offer telephone support, I’m surprised to find that I wouldn’t mind emailing Blue Host about a few things (Do you host the transferred-in domain for free? If the domain was registered yesterday, do I have to wait sixty days before I can transfer it anyway?) only I can’t find an address!

    Normally these companies throw email addresses at us (from which we never get a response) but don’t answer the phone. How eccentric of you to not only do things the other way around, but to actually bother answering the phone within 90 seconds! Are you trying to make customers happy or something? 😉

    Seriously: being in the UK, an email option would be helpful. It’s cheaper than phoning internationally.

  27. #469596 says:

    I see an ads on google of bluehost like these:
    250GB 10GB Adult Hosting
    Top Web Hosting Plan. 10 GB Space,
    Adult Hosting – only $6.95/mo!

    But when I read your TOS, I found these words:
    “No pornographic or adult content or links to such material allowed.”

    How comes? I like BlueHost, but I dont want somebody being cheated.

  28. rfrederi2 says:

    I hate add a negative comment among all these glowing tributes, but I have been waging a major spam battle and Blue Host is incapable of helping me (or at least choses not to do so). Accordingly, I am seriously considering looking for a service that really does something about spam.

    Best regards.

  29. John B. says:

    I think Bluehost provides better service than any of the other five providers I have dealt with.

    For the past year-and-a-half, I have enjoyed excellent support, except for one case shortly after setup, in which I asked a question and got a very terse, huffy reply from one Michael Adler on the support team. I just figure he was having a bad day at that time.

  30. Alice says:

    I’ve tons of site hosted with you – have never had a problem and you’re my favourite non-UK web host.

    Keep up the reliability!



  31. Dont you just hate the automated call in systems, which take you down around five menu levels before finding an option at which you can actually talk to somebody. Clearly not possible in 90 seconds. So bravo.

    I have accounts on a lot of hosts, but you have just convinced me to give you a try…

  32. Bluehost being perfect for newbies. I’ve used many hosting companies and your customer service is exceptionally good. Prices and feathers are also great. Thanks for the great service and Keep up the good work.

    Are you guys announce any new plans?



  33. I’ve only just found this and wish I had known about you a couple of years ago when i went with a hosting company whose customer service left a LOT to be desired! Seriously – its hard enough keeping all the balls in the air during normal business but throw a spanner in the works with the IT you really need someone who knows and cares about what they are doing

    all the best

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