Google’s little secret…

While anyone in their right mind respects google for their technical advancements, they are FAR from being the golden child in the tech search sector and it is all for one reaon. Customer service and COMMON SENSE when dealing with customers on their adwords program. Their adwords offering has brought the oppurtunity to many small/medium business to get direct visitors. While this is a good thing, the envinonment which google compeltely controls has CRITICAL pieces missing that just happen to benefit themselves greatly and hurt the same advertisers at the same time. Many companies put up with this because they “have to” and literally have no other choice but to do so. Let me emmerate a few points that cause the higher ups in google to cry out in consternation that anyway would dare bad mouth their methods!!

1) Google REFUSES to allow an advertiser to block another advertiser from clicking on your link. Basically if I buy the #1 spot for $10 a click, I don’t want the #2 clicking on my ad everyday to see if anything has changed. #2 isn’t a client, but they cost me a lot of money everyday! PLEASE PLEASE give you users the ability to create and block people clicking on their ads that are just their competitors eating up their add dollars (That go right into Googles pocket by the way). Doing a simply IP check coupled with cookies would eliminate 99% of this people in 3 days. I am not talking about a 24 hour ban on multiple clicks. WE THE PEOPLE need something to block a range of ip – (A full class C etc) . I don’t run campaigns with Google anymore for this reason. I was spending about $200,000 a month and about 35K of that went to our competitors (Checking us out) . LET US CONTROL WHO CAN AND CAN’T VISIT OUR PAID ADS!!!! Why can’t/won’t they get this – Because its lost $$$$$ for Google if they do this. Nevermind that the customer will love them and want to advertise more instead of getting pissed off because Google doesn’t think/believe that the customer themselves can resolve any of these problems. We are all a bunch of idiots that need their help to manage our campaign?!?!?! Come on google… Quick forcing us to pay for our competitors clicking on our sites. Let US pick and choose ip ranges to be blocked. How hard is that? Thats what I thought…. Piece of cake… Go on… Jump off your little googleplex chair and do the right thing!!!!

2) Trademarked names problem. Google does the least work in enforcing trademark violation marketing in their index. I owe and (Both Federally trademarked I might add). Because google allows others to buy my trademarked names and preset it as ourselves we literally have to pay out 30-40K a month in “afffiliate” fees just to protect our brand. What does google say/do about this? What do they do when you have ANY problem of any kind at google when you are a customer – Nothing. They explain how their system works, and why it is so much better and then invite you to join their brainless borge cluster of same thinking robots that are adept at doing nothing to help the customer out.

In essense, Google doesn’t care about the customer AT ALL. They only care about their revenue stream and it shows. Even if there are HUGE flaws in the system, if it brings in extra revenue then so be it. We are all being pitted against each other on adwords with no way to put limits on our ads for who sees what ad. Google laughs all the way to the bank. Next time you see one of the adwords google “execs” at a trade show go punch him as hard as you can in the stomach and tell him Matt Heaton said “HI!” That might not work, but I sure would feel a lot better about the whole thing. What say you?


Matt Heaton / President

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  1. David Peyton says:

    Hmmm… that throws a different light on Google for me. I always thought that they were the big “goodie two shoes” company.

    Matt, with all the problems presented, I would imagine that you have a solution?

  2. Eric Juden says:

    So who do you use for your adwords now? Yahoo?

  3. Chris says:

    Good points and great post but I don’t want to go to jail so how about if I just yell at the guy instead of punch him :)

  4. I’m sure you heard about Utah’s recently signed law to ban advertising of trademarked terms by competitors. Did you lobby for this?

  5. Phil says:

    Google´s PPC sucks and for that very reason I don´t use it. Why do they allow clicks from competitors?

    Because they have a myopic business strategy and are soley focusing on earning the quick buck. Mind you, the affiliates that cost you are probably getting screwed the same way by their “competitors”.

  6. Miguel says:

    Matt, watch your spelling… We don’t want to think the CEO of a major web hosting company can’t spell.

    I know you must write quickly… anyway… just a suggestion.

    About your article… good points. Google like most major corporations care way more about making money than about about the people that makes them rich.

    On the other hand, millions use their tools for FREE everyday… which is a lot more than most corporations will ever do for their costumers… I’d like to see you giving hosting for free to millions.. I am sure you would’t be so inclined to give such superb customer service…

  7. David says:

    “Google REFUSES to allow an advertiser to block another advertiser from clicking on your link. ”

    It’s nearly impossible to “block” someone… people in a company can just go to a different computer at a different IP to continue clicking. So the question boils down to, who is really behind the #2 spot?

  8. Justin says:

    It is an understatement to state that you have your name out there. I obviously do not know how much additional business you garnered from these $10 clicks, but I personally wouldn’t be too upset saving the business an extra $2+ million per year.

    This is the first I have heard of Host Monster. It appears to be the exact same product with no mention of why it is less expensive. Why shouldn’t I just switch all my sites from BlueHost and save extra money? I’m sure there was a valid business rationale for it, but from my (customer) perspective I can only speculate.

  9. You are talking about how Google treats it’s premier customers. The people subscribing to it’s consumer level services only get computer generated replies to their customer support requests.

    It is really hard to believe how bad their customer support is. It’s offensive really. I would never trust them with critical part of my business.

    Theoretically, the advertisers who click on your ads boost your ranking and therefore lower the price you have to pay for the number one spot. I’m sure that it is still costing you tons of money though.

  10. Jared says:

    The one thing you can do to prevent click fraud is use a third party software like the one at They seem to have a great system for preventing people from clicking on you repeatedly. I don’t think it will affect a once a day click though. You will be given reports that will allow you to get money back from the SEs.

  11. Matt Falcon says:

    GREAT points!! Yes, Google is a very dirty company! Who else would get away with providing hundreds of “services” for free? Google Mail? Google Checkout? What do you think they’re doing with that information behind your back? I can’t imagine how Google is getting away with providing all these free services to people without presenting any way to make money.

    I tried AdSense, on both the receiving end of the advertising (thanks to the adwords “voucher” provided with Bluehost), and the sending end (being a publisher). Both suck. With advertising through AdWords using those first few 20 bucks, I got bupkis for new registrations or donations. With the publisher end, I got bupkis as well… I got up to 80 bucks in my account and just when I did, they slammed the door on me and took all my hard earned money!

    I use Gmail for my backup email account (which is still actively used for my eBay and PayPal stuffs), but that’s where I draw the line. I’m appalled that they’d try and cheat people out of their financial information with Google Checkout. Well, they’ve cheated people out of their search habits, personal emails, chatting, location information, and their entire personal computer’s data (keyloggers, data miners, in Google Desktop, anyone?). Where will Google stop?

    Used to be a squeaky clean company. Then they expanded. Now they don’t seem as clean as they used to…

  12. Cap says:

    The catch 22 is, what would you complain so much about Google and still offer the $25 credit to Google? Are you not doing the same by knowingly providing a service that you disagree with so that you can pocket the money?

    If you aren’t making any money off the deal, why have this relationship with such a business?

  13. Dele says:

    A bit concerned with what I read here that the same company that owns Hostmoster also owns Bluehost? Tell me that is not true.

  14. Daniel Chow says:

    I don’t care about this so much !
    I care that why they are success!
    Google Adsense ????
    for us /// a good way of making money !

  15. Kuiken says:

    It amazes me that BH needs to spend that much money in advertising.
    SEO doens’t cost 1/1000th of your advertising budget and will get you a lot more clients than adwords.
    However you should get most new clients through mouth to mouth advertising.
    The big thing most people that complain about BH is CPU usage (which is needed to a certain point)
    Giving higher CPU limits by putting less domains on a server will cost some extra boxes, but will get you a lot of extra clients.
    I think BH can double the amount of servers with only 1 month of advertisements budget.
    Since almost al budget hosts are now advertising with almost unlimited space and traffic BH has to find other things to get people to join like less people per box.
    Sounds a bit like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire :)
    Keep up the good work, I’m a happy BH client for almost 2 years now.

  16. Risharde says:

    Google is a waste of time, they don’t care about their customers. I’ve moved on from their ad sense program. Google sucks. I hope some other company comes out later and becomes better than them!

  17. Brenda / MEM says:

    It was late or rather early in the morning of 5/15/07, I was distressed. I had a deadline to meet and had to technical clue what I was doing. The person that was to complete the work with me had an issue to arise. Soooooo I was left alone to complete the task.

    It dawn on me to call blue host and I am so glad I did. On the other end of the line was Mr. Alex Giles….what a pleasant, calm and knowledgeable employee.

    I had so many questions…Alex Giles….answered each one as if I had only asked one. (smiles) I have to say that Alex Giles went above and beyond to make sure I was helped. I wish I could speak to more employees as himself.

    Hats off to this outstanding employee!!

    Brenda / Memphis

  18. Patrick says:

    Matt, I started laughing when I read your comments about Google. “In essense, Google doesn’t care about the customer AT ALL. They only care about their revenue stream and it shows. Even if there are HUGE flaws in the system, if it brings in extra revenue then so be it.”

    Funny, the way you feel about Google, is the way I feel about Bluehost. I feel Bluehost doesn’t care about their customer issues. I had to show my wife. She also started laughing. There is a saying for this. “It’s like Pot calling the Kettle black!”

  19. Quest says:

    I think that Google makes it hard for honest small businesses to make a profit with Adwords. They seem to be getting greedy. They keep increasing the minumum bids for even the basic low competition keywords.

  20. mark says:

    Matt – you can file a trademark dispute/application with Google. Once you do so, they will not allow others to use your name in Adwords. Fair enough, right?

  21. Anthon Pang says:

    It isn’t just Google. The Internet is the Wild West. Look at how domain names are registered by domain squatters looking to get rich. Trademarks are used everywhere … in domain names, meta tags, adwords, etc … all driving surfers to revenue-from-click sites. It’s lawlessness…

  22. VD says:

    i used to advertise in google and the result of that i had to close my domain coz couldn’t afford to run anymore by a self supporting student like me. the site was “findmeadomain”.
    i am happy with hostmonster overall but i was disappointed once when it says to many connections and wasn’t accessible for few seconds.

  23. Nick says:

    “have to pay out 30-40K a month in “afffiliate” fees” If you’re talking about your own affiliate programme, then your affiliates that are using your trademark, along with their affiliate code are just using adwords to get you customers. So that 30-40k your paying out is gaining you 460-615 customers that you didn’t work to get. Your affiliates just paid in CPC programmes to get a few bucks… but still getting you customers. I’m part of this, and at the moment i’ve paid more in CPC than have received in affiliate sales.

    Please correct me if i’m wrong in understanding this

  24. Demo says:

    that’s a good story, but if i were to punch the guy that would bring me into a lawsuit i can’t afford i bet :-p. at least with blue host i get the support i need when i need it. i for one never use adwords because i don’t particularly care about giving money to monsters (hence the reason i don’t shop at wal mart)

  25. Soufulow says:

    Because google allows others to buy my trademarked names and preset it as ourselves we literally have to pay out 30-40K a month in “afffiliate” fees just to protect our brand.

    Hey Matt, are you kidding me? How about all those free traffics that Google sends you when people search about web hosting and your *trademarked* name? Did Google owe you that too? 😉

  26. dave says:

    interesting read. It certanly taught me a think or 2. I cant see google as all bad because all us marketers rely on their traffic, but I do agree they are getting way to greedy and if not carfeul they will be in such a position that they could change the way the internet is today

  27. No says:

    What will really be great is when google can figure out a way to remove links to squatter’s domains in search results. Like yours, for example.

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