Utah Jazz!!

I am ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!! Did anyone else see the Utah Jazz have their 2nd playoff game STOLEN by horrible refs!! The incompetent bumbling fools that let the Houston Rockets beat the crap out of our players over and over for 17 minutes of the 2nd half with NO FOULS should be fired!! Wheres Trump? Tracy McGrady was celebrated by the Houston Rockets for his outstanding play tonight?? He shot 9/29?? Thats 31%? That blows in anyones book!!!

Go Utah Jazz!!!!! Blah…

Matt Heaton / Frustrated President of Bluehost.com

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  1. Instead of being angry at a game, how about the issue of the emails your customers lost overnight. We received poor customer service yesterday afternoon eastern time and finally received information when we called back in this morning. I’d like to suggest you develop a way to communicate with customers when things have gone awry and let us know what you plan to do to fix this for the future.
    We’re all in the game of winning!

  2. Robert Van Drunen says:

    I feel your pain

  3. Daniel says:

    You are rooting for the wrong team!! Go Chicago Bulls.

  4. Hey Matt,
    Can they get back? Do you think the AK47 will come the goods? I am a Jazz fan here in Australia (with a name like Malone, who else could I follow?).

  5. Wang Cheng says:

    Hi Matt,
    How do you think Chinese Yao in Rocket, Houston

  6. Craig says:

    Hey Matt, I like your blog.

    Just wondering, though, is there any way I can try to change Bluehost’s policy on something in a more effective way than just trying to file a ticket? My last seems to have been lost in the void.


  7. me says:


    You are an obvious Utah homer. The refs in Utah home games are the worst since the 80’s Celtics. The Warriors are getting raped every time they get to the lane and if anything gets called it’s an offensive foul. When the Jazz come down the floor, all the Warriors have to do is breath on one of them and they call a foul. Warriors got called for traveling, and Utah didn’t. It’s embarrassing, and it’s been going on since the Stocton (dirtiest player in the game) and Malone. I’m not even a Warriors fan, but that game last night was complete crap from an officiating stand point.

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