Growing faster and faster!

We are growing faster than I ever thought possible! When we started our first month we signed up about 50 customers the whole month, now we sign up that many customers in a couple of hours. I say this because I think it is astounding what our team has been able to accomplish. Some hard work, a ton of luck, and short hold times are the reasons we have been able to make it this far.

I believe we are now the 2nd or 3rd fastest growing shared hosting company in the world with all our brands added together. We are consistently adding 30,000 domains or more each month and I don’t think we will slow down anytime soon.

Thank you SO MUCH to all of you who send your friends, family, and anyone else who needs hosting our way. Without you we wouldn’t be anything!!


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  1. Guy says:

    I host six sites with Bluehost and will continue to not only use them myself but recommend my friends. BH is truly excellent value for money, offering a lot more than every other host of even far higher prices (over 10x!) do. But the customer service is really useful, the advisors knowledgeable and helpful. And the CEO writes an honest blog, which I appreciate :) My old host tried to stop my cancelling my upgrading my account to a similar package to with BH, but I figured why should I host with a company which is always playing catch-up? Thanks for the great service.

  2. viphard says:

    Wooow coool I using your host too man

  3. Pirahna says:

    People usually come for quality services.
    As long as you provide them, they’ll keep on coming.

  4. Tom says:

    Hi Matt,

    I am happy with what I get for my money at hostmonster. But I am telling friends not to go with hostmonster if they want to have a fast website (accessed from the Netherlands). Even simple website are loading to slow (takes almost 10s). For experimental or private purposes it is fast enough, but not for production.

  5. Alan says:

    I host my main website and 3 others on HostMonster (part of BlueHost) and I have not had a moments down time yet.

    I came from a free (with adverts) hoster called, but they have been unreliable of late. So not having used a pay for hoster before I had a long hard look at prices, what was on offer and customer reviews. I am glad I chose HostMonster as they have everything I wanted and more. They even telephoned me (USA to UK) the day after I joined to welcome me on board. A nice touch.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Sam says:

    We just moved our site in January from slowdaddy to Bluehost. The president of slowdaddy constantly writes on his blog about being a good business person and doing for the customer.

    Slowdaddy is one of the worst hosting companies online. They nickel and dime you for substandard service. I was paying $1.99 here $3.99 there $150 for going over my diskspace. I removed the files from the server and was still charges $150 the next month. I called Godaddy, they stated that it was an error on their part. Had I not caught the error, they would have allowed the billing to go through.

    Their technical support was substandard. In my whole 2 years with Godaddy I can only remember one instance where I talked to a knowledgeable technical support rep. Whenever there was a problem with my site it was MY fault. It could never be that maybe their server was misconfigured.

    I signed up with bluehost after taking the repeated torture at Godaddy and I am never looking back. EVER. I’ve paid for a dedicated IP and my hosting plan and that is it. No extra charges, no hidden costs, no billing errors.

    The technical support people are the most knowledgeable. They even fixed a faulty script for me at 3am. Bob Parsons of Godaddy should take lessons from Matt on running a successful business. Godaddy may be larger, but if things keep going the way they’re going Bluehost will be #1.

    Thank you Matt for creating such an amazing company.

  7. Dugu says:

    I’m planning to host with you a few site too. I heard you are one of the best :)

  8. […] Recently, Matt Heaton, President and CEO of BlueHost, blogged that the company is: growing faster than I ever thought possible! When we started our first month we signed up about 50 customers the whole month, now we sign up that many customers in a couple of hours. […]

  9. Clickfire says:

    Those are some amazing numbers. Please keep us posted on future growth!

  10. hi says:

    Hi i really like bluehost

  11. says:

    BlueHost growth…

    BlueHost is growing very fast, and part of that are periodic mass downtimes of various servers, including the PHP5 Box 150. As gleaned from the Excel Sheet below, BlueHost has been growing on an average rate of 400 domains a day. It’s kept this p…

  12. Beemer507 says:

    Hi Matt,

    Please spend also some time on China. Most of the BlueHost IPs are being blocked by the government at the moment. In the meantime I bought a dedicated IP and it works again, but probably temporarily.

    For the rest, great service.


  13. says:

    The value of the hosting package compared with my last hosting company … is huge. Very, very good service from your team. Problems fixed fast and treated like a human being… not a job number.


  14. Blue is great. This travelblog site is the first that I’ve hosted with them, and I’ve had no troubles at all. Fast server, and now with FastCGI, it’s even faster. I’ll continue to use BH for all my freelance projects. Good stuff!

  15. H. Inclan says:

    As a matter of fact, I have been buying a few plans the last months. But I realize that the first ones have some Disk Space and BW (lower that the new ones). Do you believe that its possible to grow the capacities of your first hosting clients?

    Dont forget about us.


  16. Matt,

    I remember when I first signed up with in June of 2004. Long time since then, huh? :)

    I’ve recommended 3 people (one of which is my Father) – and all were very satisfied.

    Other than a few unpleasant chat discussions with your staff, Bluehost seems to be a shining beacon for the web hosting world.

    Keep up the good work and I promise I’ll keep telling my friends 😉

  17. Angel says:


    Hi Matt all the sites in my business are hosted in bluehost, and we have recomended to more than 100 customers…

  18. sam willer says:

    I woke up one morning recently and found that my two 2.x apps hosted with godaddy were both croaking in the compiler. I looked over my sources and config files carefully and verified that the apps ran fine on my vs 2005 localhost.

    I then called godaddy “support” and was informed a little later that the “advanced hosting group” looked at my problem and it was, of course, my fault. If they knew that, presumably they would have spotted the problem and told me about it, but they didn’t.

    I then quickly ported one app to lunar pages on the left coast and the other to easy CGI in New York. Of course they both ran perfectly.

    One of my apps is an ecommerce site and I was actually making money from it. I explained to godaddy that I was a longtime customer and could they please have a knowledgeable person take a closer look at their server configuration. This seemed like a reasonable request to me.

    Once again, their reply indicated that they didn’t check anything and it was my fault. If only the really advanced hosting group had looked at it.

    I promptly dumped godaddy hosting. It is too much trouble to transfer my domain names…they seem to do a reasonable job of that for the most part. I am still rather fond of them…I don’t know why. “Support” is very friendly, they just don’t know anything about modern Windows hosting, or if they do, they don’t have a very good idea about valuing their customers.

    Anyway, getting a hosting company that has been in business for a while and only does hosting for the most part might be a good idea for anybody with a moderately complex website that they depend on for income. For that type of website I would stay away from godaddy hosting altogether…if they do a bad job of shared hosting the same ethic is going to apply to dedicated hosting, virtual dedicated hosting, virtual virtual dedicated hosting and so forth.

  19. tipsonline says:

    I am planning to host on BL for my production websites, I have read many good reviews for BL.

  20. game says:

    I’m planning to hosting on bl for my product website. thanks for your info.

  21. thaipaparazi says:

    This travelblog site is the first that I’ve hosted with them, and I’ve had no troubles at all. Fast server, and now with FastCGI, it’s even faster.

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