Utah Jazz Dominate AGAIN!!

If you aren’t a Utah Jazz fan by now you might as well move your site! Bluehost is for winners!! Everyone else go to Ipowerweb :)


9 Responses to “Utah Jazz Dominate AGAIN!!”

  1. Greg Perkins says:

    I don’t even watch(/listen to) sports, but I haven’t heard a bad thing about the Jazz.

  2. ginger says:

    Matt, you blow me away! I wake up everyday being amazed at Bluehost. You are yet to give me a reason to complain :)

    At least two years with you and you remain tempting. Keep up the good work man!

  3. Peter says:

    Alright. I am moving my site to Ipowerweb =)

  4. Mathilda says:

    Thanks for the note – Ipowerweb is a great host…I hate how I would constantly get Mysql errors with Bluehost.

  5. Chris says:

    HAHAHA. Matt you need to relax a bit. Just wait until the Jazz play a major NBA team with talent and experience – I can’t wait till the Jazz lose the next series and hear you complaining about the refs – you need to give them some respect. And talking about respect – what about ipowerweb? I have two sites with them and they are as good as the Pistons :)

  6. Fred says:

    Now that the NBA finals has completed (Suns versus Spurs) the rest is fore-ordained – Spurs will coast the rest of the way. Jazz and Pistons aren’t even palying the same game… and trhanks for hint about ipowerweb – I’ll have to look them up…

  7. Terrance says:

    Matt you have nothing to say anymore? It looks like the Jazz are done for the season – maybe some other season. You need to quit bashing companies on your blog, maybe you should spend a little more time on Bluehost and my website rather than worrying about Microsoft and your competitors.

  8. bluehostcustomer says:

    So,What’s wrong with iPowerWeb?

  9. zevner says:

    my first web site spent more time down then up, matt, youve done a great job keeping my site up i just wanted to say thanx.

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