Microsoft, take note!

I just spent the last 45 minutes trying to get my son’s Windows Vista activated (Again :( ) so he could play his games. The experience made me want to poke a fork in Bill Gates and Steve Ballmers eyes!!

Microsoft has also been pushing their patent garbage a little too heavily on the Linux community as of late. They have been claiming patent infringement for a little over a year with no proof. They won’t show infringing code yet they demand monetary compensation.

This is what I really wanted to say in my blog. I WILL NEVER EVER IN 1,000 YEARS USE A MICROSOFT PRODUCT FOR BLUEHOST! NEVER! We will never do windows hosting, we will never do Exchange hosting (Using a Microsoft product), and we will never use Longhorn server or advanced server.

Microsoft whores out its customer experience at every turn. They have completely thumbed their nose at what their users need and have lost touch technically with the internet community at large. I can’t preach about the customer experience for Bluehost users and then do business with a company that clearly violates everything I believe in. I wanted Bluehost users to know why I felt this way. I also wanted Microsoft to know that there are consequences for their despicable treatment of their customers. I have never been a Microsoft fan, but I was never their enemy. Now they have lost me forever as a client and I am sure many others will follow. Enough is enough, and now I am voting with my wallet. Goodbye Microsoft and good riddance!!

Matt Heaton / President

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  1. GW says:

    I congratulate you on stance against Microsoft. Nothing other than people walking away from their products will bring them to heel.

    Microsoft’s products are outrageously expensive and its owners–Gates and Ballmer’s arrogance is legendary. Along with this arrogance goes contempt for customers. We would all do well to avoid Microsoft’s products unless absolutely necessary.

    XP was my last Microsoft product and that’s only because it was bundled with the laptop. It’s with relief and satisfaction that I look forward to my coming Microsoft-free era.

  2. bluehostcustomer says:

    Activation problem?!
    I’ve passed the activation within less than 5 minutes!
    Also,Microsoft has greatly helped me to activate my Windows XP that was moved to another PC. I’ve called them and they provided me with the new activation code right away!
    I’ve finally moved from stupid PHP/MySQL to a wonderful ASP.Net & Ms-SQL.
    So BlueHost has just lost a customer. 😉

  3. Bob Tobias says:

    After seeing all the recent changes to your FTP/Web Stats manager (specifically deleting analog stats), I find the following quote not only ironic, but also hypocritical. “Microsoft whores out its customer experience at every turn. They have completely thumbed their nose at what their users need and have lost touch technically with the internet community at large. ”
    When I registered my concerns (complaints) about your changes, I was told “so what, GET OVER IT!!!” Seems Microsoft may not be the only org that really doesn’t care about its customers…you think???

  4. Go Matt Go! I saw the writing on Microsoft’s wall way back in 2003 when they were hinting at a new format for Office 2003. But so far, this has been a lousy century for Microsoft; have they done anything right? In every way except disk management, Vista blows. It was the whole WGA/OGA, hardware-eating, DRM/media-crippling, one-device license that told me to get the hell out as fast as possible.

    I’ve worked with GNU/Linux distros for years with dual-booting, so I wasn’t intimidated. But in the past two years, there’s been a lot of ease-of-use progress as Matt notes along with a lot of excitement on the GNU/Linux side. Contrast that with the tens of millions of pissed off Microsoft customers (myself included). I’m using Fedora 7 now and the printer and monitor that is not supported in Vista is supported in Fedora 7 (along with SLED, PCLinuxOS, et al.).

    I’m in the process of switching over my primary machine to GNU/Linux full time and keeping an old machine downgraded to XP on it for a few background tasks. Like Matt, I will never purchase another Microsoft product, EVER. Sick of the lies, the FUD, the constant expense and upgrades, the lack of security (especially in Vista), and on and on.

  5. lunatinker says:

    Microsoft taught me a few things: how to borrow code, then encrypt it so nobody knows. How to overcharge customers, upgrade often and raise intitial costs, repeatedly brand and check customer honesty by requiring reauthorization, buying out competitors, “licensing” things and not outright selling any product at all, suing or intimidating those that will no sell.

    Of course, I don’t do any of those things. I still mow lawns for $20.
    I was shocked at the sudden new version of Cpanel
    but, you choose that product and then you upgrade when stable. not bluehost issue.

    i have a website and am glad i i picked a linux box.
    both red hat and ubuntu refused to sign the patent license M$oft documents being pressured on them, whereas quite a few other linux ditributions signed paperwork with Microsift

  6. Clifford Zyler says:

    As a potential new customer, I turned to the bosses blog to get a sense of the vision, leadership, direction of BH. Clearly the service is very low-cost but effective. There are problems to address though. Rather than focusing on the future of the offering though the boss has a rant about Microsoft. So, no longer a potential customer I think. I can find anti-anything all over the web. No problem with you saying you are open-sourced focused and have no plans to host any MS stuff. Who knows what will happen in the long run though. Cliff.

  7. Jeff Gibson says:

    So I’m completely fed up with my current provider, and I was all set to start my domain transfer over to bluehost, when I read the following comment…

    “This is what I really wanted to say in my blog. I WILL NEVER EVER IN 1,000 YEARS USE A MICROSOFT PRODUCT FOR BLUEHOST! NEVER! We will never do windows hosting, we will never do Exchange hosting (Using a Microsoft product), and we will never use Longhorn server or advanced server.” Then I read some more and find out that bluehost’s CEO may be a tad anti-microsoft. 😉

    Here is my take on this. I want to know that any company I partner with, would be completely open to all technologies. Not just the free open source. I personally believe the Anti-Microsoft stance you are taking will hurt you in the long run. In fact, if you are so Anti-Microsoft, why don’t you go ahead and just pull your “Frontpage 2000/2002/2003 Extensions” offering from your supported features. If you truly want to “STICK IT” to Microsoft. Or do you think you might lose some customers if you did that?

    I use Microsoft products on a daily basis, and have never been disappointed with them.

    Glad I read your posts before transferring my domain. Helped me realize that I might be making a BIG mistake. I was all ready to sign a two year contract. Not sure what I’m going to end up doing, but I reluctantly ended up renewing my domain with my current provider for another year. Hopefully this will give me the time to research my options. I would hope you would rethink your decision. However, I won’t hold my breath.


  8. Sean Ward says:

    Here Here!! Well said! Me, I’m an OS X man, just recently converted, and I’m loving every minute of it!

  9. I to agree with what the artical is saying. Although I am a windows user, I am sick of the updates you have to make every month just ot make the OS secure and MS is pushing, even though you can hide the update, IE7. I’m sticking with IE6 and firefox for my browsers! As to bluehost? I love them! they have helped me so much I can’t express this in words.

  10. Angel says:

    I undersatnd you, and all the problems of windows it´s a nightmare.

    Continue with your excelent service with linux!

  11. […] Blue Host’s CEO’s blog ( about how he’s decided to never procure Microsoft equipments again for Blue Host (which is a major web-hosting company in the US) […]

  12. artcoder says:

    It not just Microsoft. This whole activation thing is a bit inconvenient for legitimate users of many software. I was just moving Macromedia Studio 8 from one computer to another. And I had to dig out the current disk plus the version before that (since it was an upgrade). And they said I can only activate online. And serial numbers don’t work. etc. I was on the phone with them for 45 minutes.

  13. redmare says:

    Thank you for that honest expression of frustration. I am glad to know and fully agree with your perceptions about MS product line. I am also relieved to know my decision to migrate to BlueHost was the right choice and will remain a solid Window-flaw-free provider in the future.

  14. Wilton says:

    WOW!!! I applaud you and your principles. Take the best of cares and keep up the good work!

  15. i feel the same in some ways, but i’m too hardcore of a gamer to even consider any apple products (‘cept for iTunes) or linux. WINDOWS, SAY W00T!

  16. i agree with you so much, i am glad there are people like you that have not fallen under the “Dark side” yet, i have been a tech in a high school for 3 years now and installing windows is like vomiting for me. At least now i have made my school to buy Apples because i am so tired of Dells and Windows that i told my Boss i will quite if you guys don’t change

  17. Jerry Walter says:

    You know, you don’t have to use Windows or anything MS. I started using Apple Macs ten years ago and never looked back. I don’t have a speck of MS software on any of my Macs and I’ve never missed it. Life is wonderful. This blog isn’t long enough to go into details. I am a certified Apple tech and I know all the FUD and arguments and none make any sense when you get to the details. Apple is the best choice right now. If Apple wasn’t around I’d darn sure be running Linux!

  18. MacDudeInBc says:

    As a new Mac user I cannot agree with you more.

    MS has done it to themselves. I’ve always been a MS-fan but since learning that there is an alternative to MS, have experienced an awakening. I was/am a MS Developer, SQL Server, Visual Studio, MSXML, but where I used to talk the talk and walk the walk, no more. I have learned that there *is* an alternative. I also learned that people in the MS groove don’t believe there is an alternative, but truly there is (I’m a Mac guy but it doesn’t have to be Mac, Linux is a great alternative). I was once in the MS groove (as I call it) and truly believed that the only way forward was the MS way, but it’s not.

    There is another way people, believe it and you will achieve it!

  19. Capn says:

    The folks at Apple and the folks at Microsoft are not “friends” and they both want all your money. That’s the way it works to please the shareholders. Vista is a wonderful product and I am anxiously awaiting the new Mac OS and a Macbook Pro. When you focus on particular parts of either company (or Linux for that matter) you can tear any of them to shreds. The bottom line is “run what you like and works for you.” So for me, it’s all three for distinctly differing tasks. It’s a shame you can’t get it all in one box, but you can’t and you won’t unless (shudder) there is only one software vendor.

    I am so happy to see a return of utilities, freeware, open source, etc. that do one thing and one thing well. The open source community (and I include all software in the freeware, donations appreciated arena) finally getting folks back to the table. I hope those great folks get a fair turn on the donations side of things. I sure do my part once I have a piece of code I can’t live without. The earlier comment of “building your own windows” with NLiteOS and remembering there is a command line with the power are very thoughtful comments. That sounds like the right kind of OS to me. My own… yet the boss still wants that Power Point presentation on his desk and he didn’t say Open Office would be fine. I am sure you all can site a thousand other horrors you suffered though in the name of heaven forbid.

    I am pretty sure most folks that would read this blog are more technically inclined than most. I just gave a hand to a 76 year old lady getting her new Vista system to work with her wireless setup. She loves her Windows, changes wallpaper and colors and themes and has a blast doing it. That makes me happy to see and could care less what OS they are running. It’s all about the experience to “regular” people :)

  20. spikegotti says:

    i totally disagree with the fact about long waiting for activation, cracked M$ products, simply bcos its not worth purchasing, every OS i used from M$ had some kida prob, since i switched to linux ubuntu, i had no problem except that i can never be satisfied with selecting the right theme for my desktop and i am always changing my animated effects. linux ubuntu feisty requires at least 256mb ram whilst windows vista requires at least 512mb ram for aero which will slow ur system down, if u see linux ubuntu with all its goodies, its superswift compared to that crap gates put on windows vista, i really believe in the saying, “NEVER TRUST GATES THAT PRODUCE WINDOWS”

    i dont believe in selling a product if its gonna cost customers to buy other stuff just to enjoy it, bill knows what he is doing, thats why he is so rich and we are offering him money (thank god i never did)

    i been with bluehost for a while now and i am really satisfied after trying 3 different host whom i wont even dare mention bcos they are too crappy, in terms of security, any site can be hacked so dont be fooled, it has nothing to do with the provider if they are using linux or m$


  21. Lee says:

    You just won my unending loyalty with the statement “I WILL NEVER EVER IN 1,000 YEARS USE A MICROSOFT PRODUCT FOR BLUEHOST! NEVER!”


  22. Spidey says:

    Although I am well into the Anti-MS campaign myself, I am stuck with phones and other devices that require Outlook and eventually Exchange hosting to get everything synced up without trillions of copies of appointments and contacts.

    I have been a loayal customer for years and now will have to get Exchange hosted somewhere else…and for that I am sad to have to move any service from Bluehost.

  23. Matt,

    although i dont agree with microsoft’s stance on opensource/free license software, I must voice my concern regarding relevent WebDisk updates. I use Windows 7, Fedora 10, and OS 10.6 in my Office, and I loved the WebDisk Support with WinXP. Nothing on 7. You cannot turn your back on the general infrastructure of business computing without falling behind the curve. Unix can do everything, I know this first hand, but the end user has to want it…

  24. Entropy says:

    Is this still going on? I have started a bazillion of my clients on Bluehost, and today had a client want to switch everything over to me while I am redesigning their site. Their only request…Microsoft Exchange support. I understand you have problems with your son’s whatever, but is that really a reason to make it hard for your clients to meet their customer’s needs?

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