Microsoft, take note!

I just spent the last 45 minutes trying to get my son’s Windows Vista activated (Again :( ) so he could play his games. The experience made me want to poke a fork in Bill Gates and Steve Ballmers eyes!!

Microsoft has also been pushing their patent garbage a little too heavily on the Linux community as of late. They have been claiming patent infringement for a little over a year with no proof. They won’t show infringing code yet they demand monetary compensation.

This is what I really wanted to say in my blog. I WILL NEVER EVER IN 1,000 YEARS USE A MICROSOFT PRODUCT FOR BLUEHOST! NEVER! We will never do windows hosting, we will never do Exchange hosting (Using a Microsoft product), and we will never use Longhorn server or advanced server.

Microsoft whores out its customer experience at every turn. They have completely thumbed their nose at what their users need and have lost touch technically with the internet community at large. I can’t preach about the customer experience for Bluehost users and then do business with a company that clearly violates everything I believe in. I wanted Bluehost users to know why I felt this way. I also wanted Microsoft to know that there are consequences for their despicable treatment of their customers. I have never been a Microsoft fan, but I was never their enemy. Now they have lost me forever as a client and I am sure many others will follow. Enough is enough, and now I am voting with my wallet. Goodbye Microsoft and good riddance!!

Matt Heaton / President

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  1. chris says:

    i agree with you 100% microsoft has milked the cow and there is nothing left to milk. web 2.0 is here.. windows os will not matter anymore

  2. Ken says:

    没办法的,尤其是在依赖盗版微软软件的中国市场。但我依然选择bluehostï¼Œå› ä¸ºæˆ‘çŸ¥é“å½“æˆ‘æ²¡æ³•æ”¹å˜ä¸€äº›äº‹æƒ…çš„æ—¶å€™ï¼Œæˆ‘åªèƒ½æ”¹å˜æˆ‘è‡ªå·±ã€‚bluehost不会让我失望,对吧? 但php还真有点难学耶…

  3. Rick says:

    I can’t agree with you more. I have run a home server and it zipped along on RHEL. Why use Microsoft when a combination of Apache, VSFTPD, SAMBA, CUPS, Postfix and SANE will do anything you could need without being tied to a single vendor?

    I’m also disenchanted with Vista. When I bought a Thinkpad it came with an upgrade voucher to Vista. On XP this laptop runs smoothly, but after the upgrade it slowed to a crawl despite ample hardware resources. Most of the people I know in the IT industry are waiting at least until Service Pack 1 is released before contemplating Vista.

  4. Michael says:

    I totally agree, but the problem is that the world is totally hooked on Microsoft. I’d love to be able to switch to Mac or something else, but it’d be just too big of a jump. Linux looks good, but personally it looks a bit complicated for my everyday operating system, and Mac looks a bit to un-modifiable.

    Basically, Microsoft has gotten millions of people addicted, and dropped their quality to nothing. And we’re sorta helpless about it.

    I am glad that Bluehost won’t be doing anything with Microsoft, even if it might be somewhat of an advantage.

  5. Jason says:

    Glad to hear it, Matt. I feel the same way. Glad to hear that important companies are moving this way.

    BTW, since you guys are so thorough-goingly open-source, it would be nice if you would enable svn and capistrano to be used with your accounts.

  6. Thiago Lima says:

    Bluehost is a joke as Dreamhost is. It’s totally impossible for a website using 3,000gb of transfer without receiving an error of cpa quota exceeded.

    I though that Bluehost was good but I’m disappointed. It’s not serious.

  7. Duane says:

    I had a revelation the other day. A friend of mine told me he didn’t what to use linux because it was too complicated. He told me he doesn’t think he could learn to use the commands I type in. Then I realise all he has seen of linux, which he’s never used, is me typing in a terminal, because I find it faster than using a menu. I told him there were menus and you could interface just like window. My partner was there, who uses windows at work but is forced to use linux at home, supported me.

    In summary, many people are scared of linux because they see people proficient in linux do thing in unfamiliar ways, yet familiar ways exist.

    Like Bluehost, my house if windows free, I insist.

  8. Jeanne says:

    Just wanted to let you know that you could be doing a much better job notifying your customers about the transition to your new domain registrar. I understand now that you sent out a message about this months ago – but then to suddenly get an email telling me that I initiated my domain being unlocked.. followed almost immediately by a message telling me that my domain is being transferred — well.. it was alarming to say the least.

    You claim you are so interested in your users’ experience with bluehost. I say that you had the opportunity to handle this transition well – and instead you sent one message months ago and have assumed that all of us are going to remember what is happening when we start getting these alarming messages.

    I am a fan of bluehost – I just wish you all could keep your eye on little details like these.

  9. Giblet says:

    Well said – I’m with you!

  10. MarkW says:

    I tried Vista before its release (betas and release candidate) and I must admit, other than the new UI, I wasn’t too impressed. I think I’ll be sticking with WinXP for a little while yet.

    I have often thought of making the switch to some flavour of Linux, but at present there are just too many Windows only applications that I rely on.

    I would be interested to know how many enquiries BlueHost receives about Windows hosting. Is it a regular request? or is it something that doesn’t come up too often?


  11. Christian says:

    @ Michael
    Believing a switch away from MS would be too big of a jump is the first mistake. Try it and you will see nothing really depends on MS. It’s the thinking that needs to shift.

    I’m thinking of running my own WP installation and knowing that blue host has that kind of attitude is good to know.

  12. Larry Rice says:

    Way to go. Never forget how the Supreme Court was somehow influenced to say msft did not exercise a monopoly. Too much power too long corrupts too much.

  13. David says:

    I totally agree Matt, Microsoft is losing the plot, in my opinion XP was the best OS they’ve ever made, been running it since it’s release, and after SP2 it was pretty much perfect for my needs, and rock solid stable to boot.

    Vista from my limited use of it adds nothing that is really needed for the end user. In my opinion an OS should be in the background doing what it needs to do, the Aero interface is just too in your face for my liking.

  14. Steve says:

    As a developer and a fellow Red Hat server admin I am glad to hear that you intend to maintain your stable Red Hat linux environment. Having setup Apache on Linux and Windows as well as experimenting with the atrocious product that is IIS, I’ve found that you can’t beat the speed and reliability of a linux apache server.

    Having developed in ASP and PHP over the years, I can’t imagine why so many people are willing to pay the $10k per CPU to run their bastard stepchild of every programming language they’ve ever developed…

    I did a lot of research before choosing Bluehost as my hosting provider. I am confident that you offer one of the highest quality service packages on the market for a very reasonable price. Keep up the good work!

  15. Juan G Diaz says:

    it is funny that you talk about never having any Microsoft product. and i was shocked to see the “MICROSOFT AD CENTER” IN THE Cpanel Page. Hm… is just weird. i would say Microsoft has good product but they need to work on them more and make them bug free and secure!!

  16. […] Matt Heaton: Microsoft, Take Note! – “Microsoft whores out its customer experience at every turn. They have completely thumbed their nose at what their users need and have lost touch technically with the internet community at large. ” – Via Isabel. […]

  17. The Populist says:


    I got a question. I want to get hosting through you guys, you’re the top rated dude. I’m currently on blogger. and I like it, But it’s not wordpress. Uhmmmm… could we work some kind of deal, like a banner of you’re (for your hosting company at the top of my blog? or something?

    As much as I dislike the authors of wordpress and the bullcrap over at wordpress.COM, the software is okay.

    I realize you’ll more than likely say no. ( :( ) But it was worth a shot.

    -Chuck Adkins
    Owner @

  18. You Know WHo says:

    Do I hear monopoly anyone?

  19. Matt Falcon says:

    I hear a lot of talk about everyone using Linux, but the problem remains – programs exist for 32-bit Windows XP, and always will. Even trying to get Windows XP x64 to work comfortably was an impossible task and I ended up going back to XP Pro 32-bit on my new Athlon 64 laptop. It just shows how the e-world works… more comfortably in Windows, the established standard.

    Linux will never replace Windows as a desktop operating system, though it’s already accepted as the server standard (woo, go BH!). I hate MS almost as much as the next guy, too.

    I take a different approach with them, though. First, download Windows, never buy it at retail prices. Use the legal version of XP that came with your computer if at all possible, but if it came with Vista, MS has your money already so you’re morally in the clear to jack a copy of XP to make your computer work right. I hope Vista crashes and burns harder than ME. I really do. Two things top my list of MS annoyances: Windows Installer (and InstallShield), and GUIDs. Both go hand-in-hand in making a computer problem damn near impossible to fix.

    There is a simple and elegant solution to MS’s bloat, though. Hack it to pieces and build your own Windows. There are currently two tools created by one very brilliant person, nLite for XP and vLite for Vista – . Not only can it remove any unnecessary Microsoft-bumbled component that your OS (2K/XP/Vista) comes with, but it includes options for preinstalling MS’s updates (because installing updates after the OS is installed is very not smart), preinstalling programs, pretweaking settings, and hundreds of other things. It’s the world’s tool against Microsoft’s master plan for PC bloat. 😛

    In fact, I’m starting a PC repair/refurb/building business based around that tool, and some other clean-computing ideas. But Linux is not the answer. I agree, Vista needs to go down in flames or at least have some revolutionary tool come along to massively re-work it… it’s a great leap forward on the XP architecture, but too many people screwed too many things up in it for it to be worth a damn! =(

  20. Patrick says:

    I don’t agree with your comments on Microsoft. Sure they aren’t perfect, but they do have some good products. I find it ironic that you criticize Microsoft, when there are issues with Bluehost that aren’t being addressed. You may want to read your forum some time.

  21. Matt Falcon says:

    @Patrick: MS definitely has more issues than Bluehost, but I do agree, some support guys really need to get into the forums. I don’t even go to Support, I go to the forums because the environment is better than a one-way, one-reply support-ticket scheme. Maybe that’s something you can think about, Matt? Support guys in the forums? Personally, I’d love to know if Bluehost techs are having trouble with my site, or what they think of it… I try to ask Support but I get kind of a vague “no, i don’t think so” reply from the chat support. Not to mention that chat-support only goes to one person, over a very short timeframe with no time to test and find solutions…

    Matt! Get some paid service techs in the forums! =)

  22. Jay R. Wren says:

    I’ve been reading your blog and have since become a bluehost customer. Thanks for the great service.

    I am wondering if you have considered evaluating Mono for hosting ASP.NET applications. I’d be interested in helping you test any of this. This could be huge in providing ASP.NET hosting as currently it costs many other hosters many windows licenses to do this.

    I don’t necessarily agree with your Microsoft hate, but I understand.

  23. Niall says:

    I have have been running Linux only at home for years, and work as a Linux Engineer at a Hosting Company. I actually haven’t even used Vista yet as I have no need.

    There is one Microsoft product which I couldn’t live without though, and that’s their Natural Keyboard. I had awful problem with my wrist (mainly due to bad posture) until I started using it.

  24. Mike says:

    Windows is the fugly friend you hang out with so you can bang the hot sexy one. (Direct X)

  25. john says:

    Matt, you say all these things about Microsoft and Google; that you will never use their products, that they have lost you as a customer, etc.

    Why is there a big Microsoft adCenter offer in the Bluehost cpanel?

    Why do bluehost ads still show up on the google sponsored links?

    Matt, you are not giving a very consistent message. Before you post such things on your blog for the world to see, you may want to give it some more thought.

    Like Bill Gates said “if you’re not careful, you can end up wrecking the place”

  26. donz says:

    Concur on MS and Gates and cohorts.
    But best you check your own kettle.
    I see lots problems and weaknesses with BlueHost. You have done a good job thus far but you need FEEDBACK (particularly from new users like me. I’d lke to report the problems, but csnnot get thrugh. When I called, (today, 5/22/07 at 11:30 am) I was advised that I was #13 in line, so I quit.
    I could find no email address to send complaints and comments to. I could open a ticket and try to get through but that might bogg doown the responses for people with real problems.
    Send me a blank email and give you some powerful constructive criticism.
    (I felt about you (BlueHost) like you felt about BigBlue when you thied to install Vista.
    Open a channel.
    Also, contact me at, in case my email at BlueHost misfires.

  27. […] Microsoft, take note! This is what I really wanted to say in my blog. I WILL NEVER EVER IN 1,000 YEARS USE A MICROSOFT PRODUCT FOR BLUEHOST! NEVER! Microsoft whores out its customer experience at every turn. – Matt Heaton / President […]

  28. donz says:

    I just reviewed phpwebsite, a gnu opensourse cnu. Looks like it will resolve your WbesiteBuilder problem.
    Plus, I want to use it on BlueHost.
    How about a thumbs up?

  29. Wes says:

    My approach is that I tend to use the Microsoft products which I feel will do the job best for me and I take it case by case. They have some very good products but yes sometimes I too get frustrated and thats when I look for alternatives.

  30. Another Mac user is converted. WELCOME TO THE FOLD, BROTHER!

  31. Mark says:

    Microsoft’s reply is:
    “Matt who?”

  32. Some Random Bluehost Customer says:

    Here is my perception on the world of technology today:

    Microsoft: a company that provides software (windows, office) services (MSN, adCenter, LiveOffice), and devices (XBox, Windows Mobile) to end-users, and businesses alike, with a strong focus on all industries, and has the reputation of a monopoly.

    Apple: a company that provides software (osx, safari) services (itunes) devices (ipod, iphone) and computers (ibook, imac) to end-users and businesses alike, with a strong focus on the end user.

    Novell: a nearly financially depleted company due to poor management in the mid 90’s and beyond (purchasing word perfect, dr-dos, etc.) that provides software (SuSE Linux, OpenExchange,) and services (support contracts) to end-users and businesses alike, with a strong focus on business. Recently made a deal with microsoft that basically made a legal binding contract that the two companies would not sue eachother over patents (which, if you read the article, novell benefited quite well from.)

    Bluehost: a web host provider that competes in a highly competitive area of the technical industry and has about 90% uptime, uses an old version of apache, uses an old version of MySQL. The CEO, Matt Heaton has a blog, linked on the companies main page, that contains more rants and raves about how much Microsoft sucks, versus what the blog should contain, information on how Bluehost is moving forward, or fixing the large amount of issues they have. For some reason, Matt does this because he seems to have the opinion that being a very personal type of CEO will attract Bluehost a large amount of customers, when in fact the only reason why he has as many customers as he does probably has to do with a combination of the cost (cheap), freedom of choice (PostgreSQL or MySQL), and services (multiple domains, buttloads of email accounts) and preinstalled software (Ruby on Rails) and decent documentation that bluehost provides it’s customers. Bluehost, unlike many hosting providers, does not lease rackspace, nor do they lease individual or virtualized systems. Bluehost ONLY provides web hosting on an open source platform, nothing more, to keep costs down built their own servers. This provides them with everything they need to stay afloat (except hardware redundancy, a few years ago when one of your servers crashed and you lost all my data, including email accounts. not sure if you changed this.)

    You should really listen to some of your customers with SOME business sense and stop posting these blogs. These opinions cannot do any good for the future of your company, they are uneducated opinions, and they are not related to anything regarding the operation of bluehost. I’m sure microsoft wouldn’t care about your rants because of how unprofessional you are with them. Bluehost also offers no direct competition to any of their services (they avoid hosting the level of a host bluehost is for a reason. it’s a pain in the ass to manage and would generate no real revenue for them.)

    To me, you’re just someone who follows a trend. hating microsoft, and you’re just overly jelious of the fact that bluehost will never be as successful as Microsoft, and the reason for this is because bluehost only concentrates on one aspect (hosting websites), of one part (hosting), of one industry (technology.) The only difference between you and others is bluehost cheap, but not by much, and not definetly not reliable.

    I kind of wonder how many potential customers who’ve read this blog have managed to get scared off and spend a little extra money somewhere else..

    you should really look at keeping your personal opinions out of business, for the same reason why someone like me wouldn’t pass out religious pamphlets at work (if i were even religious.) This includes technology used in the workforce. If i work for an employer that uses one thing for something, and i think using something else is more efficient, do i bitch to everyone possible including the companies customers? nope. That’d get me fired. In you’re world, it shows me (a customer,) some possible future customers, or some potential investors (if you’re looking for them) that you are an completely incompetent manager. And these rants will stick with you if you decide to leave or sell bluehost (all you gotta do is search google.)

    And I agree with Wes, sometimes theres a right technology for the job. There are also people who think they know everything about technology, when they don’t (i call these types of people, linux nazi’s, and you strike me as one, who had some money to blow on a business venture like bluehost.)

  33. web2pro says:

    Having been in the IT industry for sometime, and remembering when windows 3.10,11 & 12 came about, Microsoft took control of the OS market by basically taking all of IBM’s OS/2 idea’s when they partnered to and combined Windows into the OS/2 software. I liked OS/2 warp and Server and found them very easy to work with, unlike the OS of today that Microsoft release. To fix a problem nowadays is better to just rebuild the computer, than try to find the issue. I agree with the comment about… You can’t apply fixes post-install..

    Microsoft have lost their way… The final nail in the coffin for me not using Microsft products, was when I had my car broken into, and my CD case stolen of all my software, I had to rebuild my PC, and still had the serial number and box package of the Microsoft WinXP Pro at home, I built the pc with a copy of windows XP Pro, and entered my serial number, when it started reporting errors of not a legal copy, I called Microsoft, after some very unhelpful replies, I bought a MAC… and have never looked back..

    What MS Products do I need ?? NONE! People seem scared of change but lets face it, Apple Mac MAC OS X is fantastic, been running it for 1 year now, and have not had to rebuild like I used to do with MS.. I must say Vista looks nice… but looks are not everything, check out the Microsoft Tech-Net site to see the errors reported with Vista! don’t touch it.. and besides, doesn’t Vista look like a copy of Apple OS/X.. They are at it again, trying to copy other companies OS.. and normally with MS, if they can’t copy, they buy the company..

  34. Completely agreed on this!

    Windows Vista is not even a true Windows like earlier ones, if you ask me. Microsoft made Vista too much like Macintosh OS. They made it look pretty, but it has no power. As a software developer, I could never use Vista and I would never want to. Compatibility issues, CPU consumption, etc. Furthermore, using my iPod with Vista causes Vista to crash!

    I have Vista installed on my home PC, but cannot stand it. I still like Windows XP on my main laptop, but the best operating system there is – Linux – is my favorite. I still need Windows because of software I use often that is not compatible with Linux and I do not wish to use its freeware clone in this case.

    -Matt Livingston

  35. Michele says:

    You sound like my son. I now run Linux on our home PC, first because I didn’t want to dish the money to upgrade a 5 year old computer to Vista, second, I got really frustrated at windows when 2 weeks ago, I logged in my computer, it had lost all the settings and info of my user, for no apparent reason, Windows was treating my user as a brand new one, it took me a few hours to get all my settings and stuff back. I had enough…

    So, I upgraded to Linux Ubuntu instead, and I love it.

    I’m a 50 year old mother, and living proof that Linux is not just for geeks anymore.

    РMich̬le Girard

  36. LarryE says:

    I agree with Michael. I don’t like Microsoft any more than the next guy, but they do have some nicely integrated products. Also, I’m a .net developer and its so much easier to create nice, GUI apps using Visual Studio than anything else I’ve ever used.

    I know a lot of you tech nerds are going to say how easy X or Y is, but the truth is none of them compare to the drag and drop interface that Microsoft has perfected. Also, I’ve been in the market recently and .NET jobs are far easier to find for someone coming straight out of college.

    I stick with Microsoft because its what I use at work, so its the technology I’m most heavily vested in. All you people that say Linux is just as easy are kidding yourselves. I’ve never been asked to recompile Windows to install ANY program.

  37. joe says:

    I did fix the problems with Microsoft (and Linux) and just made the switch to Mac OS X. My MacBook has 1 Gig RAM and a 2.16 GHz processor. It is fast for a small box. The Dell my company gave me (with similar hardware) is a dog. You’ll probably tell me it is pricy ($1300) since that is the first excuse people make about buying a Mac. So far I have had no viruses or reboots because of software hang. I have real software (not crapware) to burn any CD and DVD or do backups. There is no junky floppy drive, parallel or serial ports to steal space. I have would not have attempted to burn CD and DVDs in the past for home backups but because of the crapware that comes with Micorosft boxes. You would have to buy a full package like Roxio or Creator 9 for $100. Start adding up these extra costs and you will be surprised. The Macs come with lots of things you can use out of the box for personal use, and they work.

    Remember all you Linux fans that the Mac OS X is from the BSD world which we know works well (I ran BSD servers for years).

    I’ve administered Linux too and as a server it is great but it is it to rough-around-the-edges to be a quick and easy device to connect to internet as a personal box.

    We all know the world is mostly web-oriented now and Microsoft is becoming less important every day, but you still need a good box to connect to it and build it with and I found it.

    I don’t say that I will never have trouble with my Mac, but so far so good.

    Give it a try Matt, your kids will especially love a new iMac. If you want a real game machine get a PS3. That is another quality product engineered as a whole, not in pieces.

    No, I don’t own any Apple or Sony stock, yet.

  38. I’m buoyed by Matt’s attitude toward Microsoft, but I will stay with Bluehost because of his commitment to the customers. This is the best value I have ever found in a hosting company so far.

    My own switch to OS X happened this way: I was a diehard windows guy, and I always fought my PhD advisor, who was a Mac guy. Then, one day, we got a Jaguar (OS 10.2) machine, and as the lab’s IT guy, I had to set it up. Everything was so perfectly designed, so seamless, so flawless that I vowed to never use windows again. Alas, yes, all the companies I’ve worked for since insist on Windows for reasons that are utterly fictive.

    I run fink,, and I have the entire world of Unix software on my Mac. And, I use office only because the rest of the world does. I agree with everyone else. You don’t need a single piece of MS software.

    But, another reason why people should avoid Vista is its draconian DRM scheme. Read all about it here:


  39. The only reason I have used Microsoft is because the game support for Linux isnt nearly what it is is in the Microsoft world. Frankly, that is the only reason. The only reason it probably hasnt bugged me too much is because I have sort of been in a perpetual “evaluation” mode if you know what I mean. So far my evaluation is telling me MS technology is not worth paying for in the long term. I wish there was some way that Linux could put together the a consortium specifically aimed at changing public perception and also for expanding game support.

  40. Gyaresu says:

    “I just spent the last 45 minutes trying to get my son’s Windows Vista activated (Again ) so he could play his games. The experience made me want to poke a fork in Bill Gates and Steve Ballmers eyes!!”

    I just wanted a quick look at the “CEO’s blog” to get a feel for this company before hosting my domains on it.

    No doubts now :)

    Gyaresu – Australia

  41. Aaron says:

    The issue here is that there isn’t a decent alternative to Windows for desktop computers. Sure there is MacOS, but you just don’t have the same range of applications. I’m a big NON-supporter of Microsoft, however you have to look at it from a different perspective sometimes…

  42. Kuikens says:

    Bill Gates: Mr. Heaton.
    Matt: You don’t look so rich.
    Bill Gates: Oh, don’t let the hair-cut fool you, I am exceedingly wealthy
    Matt: What do you want?
    Bill Gates: Your company has been brought to my attention, but I can’t figure out what, if anything does, so rather than risk competing with you, I simply decided to buy you out.
    Matt: I reluctantly accept your offer.
    Bill Gates: Well everyone always does. Buy ’em out, boys.

    Bill’s bodyguards begin smashing the contents of Matt’s desk

    Matt: Hey, what the hell is going on?
    Bill Gates: Oh, I didn’t get rich by writing alot of checks!

  43. Phil says:

    I’m glad you’ve made a resolution to never offer Microsoft products. Losing the battle in the server market to Linux was the first big defeat for Microsoft and I am confident that it won’t be the last one.

  44. Dipesh Shah says:

    I wholeheartedly agree – I too am ditching Microsoft and have been happily working away on my Mac. While I respect Bill Gates charitable work, I’m no fan of the Microsoft brand or product.

  45. Matt,
    I enjoyed working with you and I enjoyed my time in MS however you both think a like…. Its scary some times when I think back to the good ole ms days (they were pre bh days) and I remember people showing problems in code in xp problems that caused pretty serious problems, the top 2 problems were fixed and the rest put on the back burner….

    When I was with you same thing happened you just through more people on the floor… not really dealing with the issues….

    I will not pretend to know more then you but after following your blog for some time I know you do not read the posts. You probably still have your right hand man (whats up man) approving comments ect… basically you need to listen to what people are posting here and really look at your business and change. * which is why I left of my own free will*

    Basically there are some really good ideas and the people on the internet are begging you to change… Look at how frustrated you are with ms and then take yourself out of your own shoes for a second and pretend you are your own customer and are writing this….. and you want some things changed….

    I hope a light went on in your head and you had an idea like hey why don’t I make a forum that works with techs that are paid to work it, and then have them create wish lists or have users create wish lists and see what your customers are saying by votes…

    I also suggested this when I worked there but it was shot down as to time consuming… (I have heard that at ms for years)

    The bottom line is listen up or your going to head down the same road ms is now….

  46. […] On several occasions, backed by facts, we said that Microsoft’s actions did it more harm than good. Here is one individual example which comes from the CEO of BlueHost, which is a very large Web host. Microsoft has also been pushing their patent garbage a little too heavily on the Linux community as of late. They have been claiming patent infringement for a little over a year with no proof. They won’t show infringing code yet they demand monetary compensation. […]

  47. T. Hallums says:


    Educated response: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and THANK YOU! again!!!!

  48. Peter says:

    I have spent many a night near tears thanks to Bill Gates and his crappy products. Yet I am still bound to Front Page at this point due to lack of time in creating web pages and no time to properly learn all HTML there is to learn.

    I’m glad you are voting with your wallet and your feet. If only more people would do so, maybe Mr. Gates would wake up and fix his errant ways. And if only more people in the U.S. would realize that voting for a party other than the Democrats or the Republicans is not “wasting a vote” but the key to true change, maybe the world would be a better place to live in sooner rather than later.

  49. Geoff Caplan says:

    I left Microsoft once and for all a few months ago, around the time that Vista came out, and bought a MacBook docked to a 20″ wide Apple cinema display. Now, I am an Apple devotee. It has been a great experience. People who automatically keep buying Windows-based systems on PCs need to stop and think that there are alternatives out there. By the way, I am a BlueHost customer for my blog at and also like your service.

  50. jay daniels says:

    i have used different distros of Linux for years, but as for the desktop or modern notebook like the Lenovo/IBM T60, Linux just simply doesn’t work out of the box requires many many days! to work everything out. some things you may never get working correctly.

    linux on the desktop just doesn’t work for me on the job either. none of the programs we use run on Linux. Linux does not have a slick program like Quicken or Quickbooks. Linux takes 5 times longer to boot up and shut down than Vista or XP.

    for many, Linux is not an option. i don’t have time to work on the OS itself just to use the computer!!!

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