Tired of Jazz Posts Yet?

I know this is “supposed” to be a blog about hosting industry issues, but until the Jazz lose there really isn’t anything that I feel like writing about.

Last nights game, where we KILLED the San Antonio Spurs, was great for a couple of reasons! 1st, the Jazz HAD to win or the series was over, but far more important was the fact that Eva Longoria (Engaged to Tony Parker of the Spurs) was at the game and was close enough that I could ogle her during timeouts and boring plays. My wife, sitting next to me, was very accommodating. She knows that I “secretly” watch Desperate Housewives and that Eva Longoria is my favorite of the wives on the show.

So to sum up – Eva Longoria, Jazz Basketball, A Win, and a pregame buffet :)

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  1. Hey,just to say a quick hello,and one question.Is it possible to post some pictures of server plants because I would love to see how does a 400 thousand domains hardware looks like.Keep up the good work!

  2. Matt Falcon says:

    ^ I agree, I’d love to see the place my sites are coming from… just one of those e-mystery things! I got a small glimpse when a support guy gave me a picture of a rack-server my site is running on (hostfile.org/help.php?page=AboutServer), but that’s about it. C’mon pleeeeaaaase? 😀

    Oh, and yeah… I uh… don’t quite get bask–… uh, go Jazz. *woo* 😀

  3. Chris R says:

    I’ve got a topic to discuss. Are Utah Fans dirty? I’d have to say yes after seeing them throw objects at Bruce Bowen. Was that you Matt?

    Come on Utah, have some dignity.


  4. Ryan Tew says:

    your wife is very accommodating indeed!

  5. Matt… next time you get to ogle Eva Longoria… take me so I can ogle Tony Parker. Gotta make it even. Or Derek Fisher… or Dee Brown… Okay I’ll stop! I’ll stop! *sighs*

  6. Carl Pei says:

    Hello, excuse me for leaving a message here, but I couldn’t find your email anywhere.

    I’ve been a long time user of the HostMonster service, and it has been incredible. It is perfect in every way, until you want to get rid of or sell a website. I have registered many domains through the HostMonster CPanel > Domain Manager, some of which unused that I tried giving away for free on my blog.

    The domains seem to be registered on Wild West Domains, a GoDaddy reseller. A free push to another WWD account should work. However, I can’t find my login details to WWD and neither can the HM support staff. This is pretty frustrating as I have quite a few domains registered through HM CPanel.

    Is it supposed to be like this or was the support staff ignorant?

    I have one more question, I initiated a transfer of the domain meizume.com from the HM CPanel to GoDaddy on May 29. They have sent an approval request to whois@hostmonster.com. So far, nothing has happened and I’m afraid that whois@hostmonster.com is a dead email, is this the case?

    I was going to promote HostMonster through my blog, but want to be honest about it, and with all these issues with domain names, I couldn’t honestly recommend HostMonster. I have seen from other blog posts that you are very responsive to customers, so I think it will be a nice thing to include too when I eventually decide to promote HostMonster.

    I know you’re very busy, so thanks a bunch for reading! :) With me leaving this comment, you now have my email.

    Have a nice day,
    Carl Pei

  7. Gary R says:

    Matt… I think that Utah has a lot of good basketball ahead of them. A good coach, good young players, and a great set of fans (although the fans need to learn not to hurl objects at clearly superior opponents).

    Sit back and watch the Spurs roll to another NBA title – and then maybe your team will have a chance in the years to come.

    I will agree with one thing – Eva is a hottie! :)

  8. Ruth says:

    Hey Matt,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up on great customer support. I called Hostmonster today with a problem and spoke to Alex. That guy knows his stuff and showed me a thing or two that I didn’t know anything about. He was very pleasant and willing to help.

    So, just wanted to say..thanks Alex!


  9. Michael says:

    Yeah, Basketball doesn’t really concern me, but it is your blog, and you’re free to talk about what you want.

    I would be interested in hearing about what’s going on at Bluehost these days, though. I’ve found that webhost clients can never have enough info on their provider. We like details!

    Yes, precious…. details….. (Hehe, I couldn’t help myself. sorry)

  10. geoff gevalt says:

    It’s been a while since you’ve posted, but I thought I’d try to find some way to rattle your cage. Perhaps this is the place.
    You have grown too big. Your service people are getting less and less experienced and less and less helpful. You’ve grown beyond your means.
    My latest problem with your company is that my small site, which is a nonprofit aimed at helping kids write, has been pummeled by referrer spam, comment spam, harversters, you name it. I have kept them out of the content; I have made modifications to my site, but they still come and they bring the site to its knees — your famous CPU usage suspension notice.
    I’ve spoken with five or six of your guys and NONE of them had ever heard of referral spam. I’ve written a ticket only to have a snippy little exhange with one of your guys who told me, in so many words, it’s my fault and screw you.
    Again, I run a nonprofit that helps kids. We have had great luck with you until now. But your company’s representatives seems to care not one whit to pay attention to what’s happening out there in the netherworld of the Net. This threatens me — I can’t keep them at bay, I have too much else to do in my little organization. I cannot afford to have my site go down because they’re trying to access every page at once from 50 different supposed IP addresses. And I cannot afford to be with a company that is much more content to boast about being the largest in the world and has really lost site of me, the little guy, who is stuck with lousy service.
    WE NEED YOUR HELP. I am not an expert. I am not in a position to hire a high falutin’ Web developer to devise band-aid solutions to a World Wide Web problem — robot spammers who’ve figured out how to get by server controls.
    Now I’ve been told a lot of things by your representatives, but the last snippy message from a guy named Kai really got my dander up.
    And I am now looking for a new host.
    And that fact, I am sure, will have you zapping this message and deciding “well that’s one of the percentage of users who grow dissatisfied because they got out of bed wrong and I can’t get too worried about it, I mean look how many users we have!” But if you are half as smart as you say you are, and I have no reason to doubt that, you would realize that there is some major hacking going on out there — mostly from Asian companies, by the way, — and they’re raising hell on your customers’ sites.
    It behooves you to look into it.
    And, it might just make sense to figure out some solutions.
    And then you can grow even more.

    God bless.


    Geoff Gevalt

  11. Bring on more industry news. Being from a country outside the U.S. I only understand Jazz to be a musical genre. But I do appreciate the Eva Longoria info. :)

  12. First off, I love BlueHost. It is GoDaddy’s Daddy. I’ll never go back.

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    Thanks, and never stop!

  13. Re: geoff gevalt

    Please don’t take this the wrong way, since text is a terrible medium for giving advice without it sounding condescending, but with all due respect, it is not Bluehost’s job to block the spammers, bad bots or anything else that visits your site, this is the same with any web hosting provider. Bluehost’s job is to make your web site accessible on the Internet nothing more, any help they give you beyond the scope of hosting your site is a bonus.

    I guess you have to make a choice, take the time to read the logs and block bad bots using .htaccess, or find a volunteer to do this for you, part of having a web site is managing it’s visitors, both wanted and un-wanted ones.

  14. alex says:


    I had to use Yahoo Pipes to get rid of all posts having something to do with Utah Jazz. Basketball is cool and all but I read your feed for news on bluehost.

  15. Jakob says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Tired of Jazz Posts Yet?. Thanks for informative article

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