I’m not like other people…

As I was driving home today I noticed that I was driving extra fast (Which is bad because I normally speed anyway). I felt irritated. My music volume was turned up to the max. I was weaving in between cars and generally was in a bad mood. What was the reason? I was angry because other hosting companies were getting signups in areas where we haven’t taken over the market yet. Seriously…

Thats when it hit me. I really am not like other people. I am competitive in business like most business owners, but it goes a step further. I CAN’T STAND to lose. We have increased our growth 25% in the last 60 days and I am just as unhappy about it as when we were getting 10 signups a day. Please don’t take what I am saying to mean that I am not grateful for what we have and what Bluehost and Hostmonster have become. I am simply saying that no matter what, I want to and WILL win in the contest to get the most hosting customers and to grow our business as fast as possible.

I am not sure what it is inside me that makes me want to win so badly, but its there and I can’t get rid of it. When I am at work with the rest of the Bluehost gang I don’t think I seem all that motivated. I feel like I am just one of the gang at work, but at 10:30 pm I sit down at my computer after I have put the kids to bed and tricked the wife into “thinking” I went to sleep. That is the only time I feel like I can get any “real” work done. This is the time when I evaluate competitors, look into tech support concerns on our end, work on tech and linux kernel fixes to improve our services from the backside, and fret over why we aren’t getting 100% of the shared hosting signups worldwide. Its drives me crazy when I look on the web and see one of my competitors that I know are taking a certain percentage of the shared hosting market. I want to completely destroy that avenue of business for them and take it all for our company. I know how horrible that sounds when I write it, but its true. I am doing this business to win. If it was all about money I wouldn’t even be here anymore. I don’t need more money, I NEED to beat out the next competitor. I NEED to have the best anitspam solution, I NEED to able to sell Exchange hosting for 50% less than everyone else, I NEED to be able to handle more shared customers on the same type of hardware because of our superior backend software and linux modifications, in short I MUST win in these areas.

Sometimes we can’t achieve our goals, but if we can’t its our own fault. The blame falls with me! At one point I said 500 signups a day would be great – That would be the “Holy Grail” for us and how could we really do better than that anyway? Afterall, 500 is a lot of signups in a day. We are now at about 650 signups a day, and I guarantee you in 6-9 months from now we will be well into the 1,000 new customers signing up everyday. I know the day I reach our goal that 1,000 signups won’t look so good anymore. That’s when 1,500 becomes the new goal!!!

Keep working on whatever you are doing, and we will do the same. I will write again when we hit the 1,000 paid signups a day goal. Its coming, and its coming fast. I believe we are now the 1st or 2nd fastest growing shared hosting provider in the world. Most of the growth simply comes from my disdain for other companies that want to compete in our space. We WILL beat them out and offer a better product and we will do it sooner than later.

To win you HAVE to believe you are the best, and if you don’t then get out of the way because there are ten people to take your place!!! This industry is too competitive to see how #2 and #3 did? Who cares? Who is #1 and how did they get there? That is what matters!

Well enough… I think its quite clear that I am more than a little arrogant about our future prospects for our business, but its only because I believe in it so much. Please take what I said in that manner and not that I am a loud mouth arrogant jerk. Either way, those 1,000 signups a day are coming our way :)

Matt Heaton / Bluehost.com

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  1. Steve says:

    Reducing the cost of entry to BlueHost might help gain sales, sure ‘warm’ clients from referral don’t mind paying out $95, but people coming from PPC can get started with many hosts for under $20 nowadays.

    It’s difficult to do if you need to pay $65 referral bonus for some sales, but being the best is never easy.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi, keep up the great work :)


  2. Brett Dix says:

    Hi Matt,

    May I be the first to say that I am with you 100% in your goal to be #1. I think BlueHost IS the best. I have used other hosting compannies, one of them a very large competitor, and if you had to guess who that is, you would guess correctly. Yes, I think you are better than them too! Funny…my girl thinks I am asleep too right now, and I like you, get my best work done at 10:30! On another note that I want to share…I regretfully had to cancel my hosting with you due to money issues. My domain http://brettdix.com still resides with you. I am an Account Manager with OfferFusion and have been there for 2 months – just getting back on my feet financially. When I get my finances in order, I wil be able to pay for hosting once again. I really miss having my website. So many ideas put on hold for now. I am excited at the thought to be online again and I have great plans for my new website too. It will not be just another blog, just another website either. Keep up the good work. See you online soon Matt!

  3. Matt, I think you need to have more (or better) banner ads available for affiliates. :)

  4. Lynda says:

    Personally, I think people should always strive to do better. Where would you go if you got one goal accomplished and never strived to make a new goal for yourself. A winning attitude is important, and setting goals will help you get there.

    Also, if you said immediately, “I am going to set a goal of 2000 sign-ups a day” and still hadn’t reach that, it might be frustrating. I bet many business owners have failed because they set the standard to high. Setting the smaller goal of 500 allows you to say, “Yes, I/we did it!” I would even guess it motivates you to move forward.

    Anyway, want to put in my 2 cents. I was checking out your blog from your host server page. I am looking to move my blog over to its own host in the future.

  5. Jason Pick says:

    Maybe you can show your competitive spirit with the blue host blue ghost out on the track!

  6. Rick says:

    While it’s good that you are ambitious to gain new customers you must maintain service to your existing ones.

    Your hosting still need some work with my site slowing frequently enough to be irritating.

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  8. James Schwahn says:

    Great post. Entrepreneurs always want more. There is never enough money in the world for people like you and I. I think we have a sickness, and I could honestly have billions of dollars, and still want more. It’s good in ways, and your business will succeed, but at the same time taking care of existing problems is also priority. With more sign ups should also come new hires. The tech support for bluehost is good, but could be better. I give it a 6 currently. On the other hand the hosting itself is amazing. I have been with dedicated companies that don’t compare to this shared account. Keep it up Matt.

  9. Greetings, Matt. OK, I admit I’m a low maintenence customer. I use my hosting account for a few close clients of mine, and as a testing ground for html… but what wowed me over a year and a half ago about Bluehost, was calling tech support and getting a human. RIGHT AWAY. No mile long menu procedure on my phone, no BS. The human I got was real, spoke without the usual unintelligible Asian accent, and knew the solution off the top of his head. WOW. The lost element in American commerce, and Bluehost still had it.

    All I can say is, don’t ever loose sight of the fact that we’re real people at this end, who get pissed off the same way you do when they can’t get resolution to issues. If there’s one hallmark you can hang onto for dear life, it’s quality customer service. When it comes down to it, we won’t notice a millisecond difference one way or the other in serve times, but we WILL notice if we can’t get the help, readily, when we need it.

    All the best in continued growth and success. KW

  10. Matt,

    Just something to think about, and not to dampen your enthusiasm (which is infectious!), but be very careful the need to beat everyone does not obscure what made you successful. Put as much -or more- enthusiasm into the things that differentiate Blue Host as you do to beating the competition. Everything else will follow.

    And Kelly, it wasn’t all that much trouble. I wonder how your name, e-mail and website became pre-entered in the reply fields.


  11. Mark says:

    Quoted from Matt:
    “I don’t need more money, I NEED to beat out the next competitor. I NEED to have the best anitspam solution, I NEED to able to sell Exchange hosting for 50% less than everyone else, ”

    So does this mean that you are reversing your former stance on not offering Exchange Hosting? Sure would be great to have everything on one host and not have to fool around with other hosts…

  12. Hi Matt,

    Congrats on reaching 300,000 domains on BlueHost this week!

    Best wishes for the future…

  13. Matt says:

    All I can say is give me a reseller account, Dedicated server or VPS with WHM and Ill add another 30 domains tomorrow.

    I think you are the best but in these areas you dont have what I need. I use bluehost for some sites and if you gave me what I needed everything would be with you.

  14. ann says:

    Congrats on reaching 300,000 domains, am glad to say that i am one of them. I am a very satisfied customer of Bluehost, your live chat support personnel (Majic) really knows what he’s doing, I asked for help and he solved my site problems in a short period of time. Please acknowledge this for him because he deserves it.. maybe a pat at the back (or a raise?) :)

  15. damu says:

    hmm that sounds great that you host over 300,000 domains. is that total for both blue host and host monster? well, i have 3 domains with hostmonster and others on the way.

  16. Nathan says:

    In this world you must be competitive. You just can’t let it be your only controlling motive.

  17. Kristie says:

    If you’d be more open with your content restrictions you would have 100% of the web. I almost signed up just now for two years, until I saw that you restricted sites that show nudity. I have plenty of warnings on my sites that they and some of my products are for adults only. But even so, you won’t ALLOW me to be a customer.

    Lots of adult sites on the web. Maybe you should start an adult version of bluehost (with the name one would think that you would have no such restrictions).

    Dearly wish I could be your customer.


  18. It’s your enteprenual spirit acting up. It’s a good thing.

  19. Zach says:

    Let me tell you (if you read these) why I use one of your major competitors and not you. I proudly use media temple because their support is absolutely amazing. When I call whether its Christmas day or any other day and I get someone almost instantly that is extremely knowledgeable and not just average tech guy making me a ticket for someone else to solve.

    Another major reason is their uptime reliability is unmatched compared to bluehost and other companies. If I have an inefficient script that I wrote poorly, my customers won’t see some stupid “CPU QUOTA EXCEEDED” error. I’ve never had downtime more than just a few minutes.

    They don’t use cpanel, they built their own custom control panel that is extremely sexy and powerful. They have custom built tools that are amazing and let me see exactly what pages and how much cpu time they use. When we as customers ask for some feature we are confident they listen and are working on the issue.

    I have a friend who hosts several sites with bluehost, he may or may not have an inefficient script but he constantly gets those annoying cpu quota error in the middle of the night or early in the morning when no one is using his site. During the day when we have hundreds it seems to work fine, so from my experience using sites hosted with you it appears to me like your service sucks, although many of your customers say otherwise. But these are the reasons I choose your competitors.

  20. Zach says:

    Matt, I do have to say that I highly respect that you are not willing to allow adult content. If I could not afford my current host, I would choose you over the competition simply for that reason alone

  21. Bob says:

    “I don’t need more money, I NEED to beat out the next competitor. I NEED to have the best anitspam solution,…” Yet we have to pay $1 a month (per address) for Postini Email Filtering?? …if you don’t need the money, why charge for something you could offer for free?? …it’s called “customer service.”

    However, unlike Kristie, I am VERY GLAD that bluehost does not permit nudity! Heck, I guess it’s worth paying $1 a month (per address) to keep smut off any place on the internet!! So, keep charging us for the anti-spam protection, and keep saying no to the smut-peddlers!!!

  22. Marie Curie says:

    I Think bluehost or dreamhost is very good

  23. Bui Thi Xuan says:

    My site store in bluehost and I do not care anything when using Bluehost, It is ready good.

  24. BM Models says:

    I agree with you 100% Matt. It’s really important to believe you are the best in order to win. Confidence is so important!

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  26. JJ says:

    I don’t think anyone really cares about you and your complaints – we all have our own lives, so shut up.

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