Google’s a complete pain to work with…

I have delt with more companies that I can even remember and have negotiated some VERY big deals in my day, but never have I felt like I was talking to a brick wall more than when I talk with Google. They are the worst company that I have had to do a deal with in recent memory. As you start out with any of their services you are immediately bound by all of their controls and subject to exactly what they want. It is 100% their way or the highway.

As someone who owns and runs a web hosting company, I am charged with growing our business, and grow it I do! I do what is necessary to get a deal done and grow. Google on the other hand stares blankly at me wondering why I don’t want to eat it’s dog food. Its so frustrating because Google has good products technically, they just don’t have the people and policies in place to put those products into deal makers hands to establish REAL relationships with partners. By REAL, I mean a partnership where there is some give and take and not all take and no give.

We are the fastest growing shared hosting company in the world, growing at a rate of almost 20,000 new paying customers every month. If Google wants to do business they better start treating us like we are more than the guy in his basement with one server. Unfortunately, I know exactly what will happen. They will get their same dog food, put it in a different bowl and offer it again. The answer was NO, before they even started…

Some companies just don’t get it and probably never will…

Matt Heaton / President

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  1. Nick says:

    That is very true. Unfortunately ALL major companies who have cash growing on trees in their backyard, don’t ever seem to spend a penny on customer service or customer relations. Their ego’s grow too big and think that their customers will dive at their feet and scrub their shoes clean… which unfortunately we’re forced to do :(

  2. James Schwahn says:

    I agree with this whole google thing. They have no support for any product. I’ve emailed them many times, and theres no one on the other end. I get paid by them with adsense, yet if I have problems they just aren’t there. The company is successful yet they could be twice as successful if they would put more effort into it. You should learn from their mistakes for bluehost, and keep your customers first. I have left bluehost to get a dedicated solution, and came back. I have also sent many people to bluehost because of the quality for the price. Keep it up, and keep customers first.

  3. david says:

    hi Matt

    I agree 120% with you.
    Most of the very big companies or Fortune 500 companies will become arrogant some day or another.


  4. sb says:

    Matt, I really enjoy reading your blog. From all your writings, your individuality shines as a person with integrity and commitment.
    And in many ways, your views totally align with mine.
    But honestly, I am deeply disappointed after hosting my site at

    Especially those support officers, not even after I start to speak my problem, they already sound paranoid. I am not a fussy person–all I want is help and clarification.
    Most of the time, they never give any solution to the problem I am facing. And guess what, I have to search other hosting companies’ forums to find out answers, isn’t this ironic?

    But I think the support officers back there are delighted since they receive less calls.

    I believe in you so much Matt… But to be frank, if this keeps going on with no improvements, people will definitely move to other hosting companies that provide SupporT and not FrustratioN.
    The hell with new features announcement that you provide, you do not win people’s heart by giving new features. If business is solely competed based on features availability, then this is not a Humane World, but a Robotic One.

    To let run in the long-term, your people have to embrace the same integrity and vision as you do.

    Delete this comment once you read this if you wish. I do not intend to offend but rather as a heartfelt reminding friend.
    I sincerely hope the support officers can embrace their inherent humane side of helping and supporting others in trouble, rather than considering it as an obligation.

  5. colin says:

    My son discovered your site and product and initially loved it. i have transferred a domain to Bh with more to follow, just wanted to say your honesty is refreshing. Although most businesses exist to expand and prosper most companies have forgotten you can run a successful business, have happy employees, service your customers, be honest and make money. Keep up the good work.

  6. Joey says:

    Google thinks it is currently dominating the web, but huge companies can afford to get great ideas from small ones by buying them out. However, notice that Google always never offers personalized service. (Just like Microsoft – their website is almost useless and a pain when looking for a problem solution)

    Blueshost rocks.

  7. Moises says:

    I totally agree with the atitude you had with the way Google tried to treat you, i have always thought that nobody deserves to be treated like trash or like if the dont worth nothing.

    Great Job, Matt.

  8. Chris says:

    Apparently you don’t mind having Google control you. I just got an e-mail about your Postini (Google) partnership. One more way Google now controls Bluehost.

    I do hope it works out.

  9. Wes says:

    On Google, I was keen to take advantage of the Google Adwords offer on Bluehost in August and after going through the first stage I realised that this offer was only available for customers based in the US. This was not mentioned in the email that was send to all Bluehost customers promoting that Adwords service. But now I see that the offer is no longer on cpanel.

  10. Dave says:

    Hi Matt,

    I have been with bluehost for gosh… 3, 4, maybe 5 years now (time flies), when it was recommended to me by a buddy back in college.

    I’ve never called in… I’ve never needed to. Everything has always been resolved cleanly and perfectly by that chat-live button on the front page of your site. As recently as last month, your tech support guys have been stellar, even addressing the very complex technical issues that arise when pushing the envelope a little bit.

    Ignore the nay-sayers Matt… the numbers _DON’T_ lie. 300k+ domains and counting… keep up the great work!


  11. Ray says:

    I also agree with you. My experience with Google’s “internals” have been truly abysmal.

    I filled in an application for a summer internship in one of their engineering centers in Europe. After getting chosen by my resume and cover letter, I had to take a quite long questionnaire. Ok. This was around March.

    1 month after that (I was already giving up on it), I got an e-mail telling me that they wanted to interview me. By phone, that’s it. Got excited, as you can imagine. I had the first interview, it was good (although not excellent).

    Another month passed. No news. I was giving up hope again, but then I recieved another e-mail, requesting ANOTHER interview. Well, whatever. I took the other interview, which didn’t go as good as the last one to be honest. But when I finished, I asked the interviewer if, even if I was not chosen, they would tell me about the result. Even if it’s “NO”. He said “Of course, we are professionals!”

    Guess what. It has been 3 months from that already. Summer has ended. I never got any answer from Google. Like they just forgot about me. I even sent one e-mail asking what was going on. They basically told me “please wait”.

    I got really sick of Google because of this. Even if they are the most powerful Internet company, they must understand that the attention to detail is also important. They almost ruined my summer, because I was waiting for their answer, and thus unable to make any holiday plans. Luckily, I got sick of waiting and booked my well-deserved holidays before it was too late to do anything.

    Google can look good from the outside. But I think that inside there’s a mix of plain bigheadiness and information chaos. Yes, information chaos inside Google, you read it well. I have some stories from the interviews which are quite laughable, and which made me really think that. But that would be… for the next chapter :-).

  12. Popo says:

    I have a few words for Google:


    The reason for mentioning these words, is that Google will one day be among them: the search engines that used to be in the limelight.

    Anyone who thinks Google will stay on stop, or (shudder) buys their stock is just plain unaware of how the tech world works. There is nobody, or rather, there has never in history *been* anybody who has managed to stay on top forever.

    Just ask Microsoft, IBM, etc.

    Google will eventually learn to behave like a member of the business community. Hopefully it will happen before (like IBM) they are despised (like Microsoft).

  13. Zach says:

    That’s because you don’t matter. They don’t make their money with big companies, they make money by people like your customers, small website owners who host personal blogs, small business sites, etc. Their money is in the quantity not the large high paying customers.

  14. It was really true that large companies will not concentrate more on the service that has to be provided to the customers.

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