Ok, I am lazy! I will put up 2 pictures that I just took off the little built in camera on my new Intel Imac.

I know! I know! I am INCREDIBLY handsome! I get that all the time, so don’t feel like you have to write in telling me. It’s up to you though :)

By the way, what you do think? Beard, or no beard? Just wondering??


Matt Heaton /

65 Responses to “Pictures”

  1. Guillemo says:

    Beard is better, I think. I’m very impressed and inspired by your company’s success. Congratulations!

  2. sail says:

    beard look is great matt….

  3. Raghu says:

    Hi Matt,
    Great Service by your customer service team. Prompt response.


  4. Unlimband says:

    Even though the pictures are no longer that fresh: Definitely with the beard!

  5. Ho oponopono says:

    No beard thank you…he he…

    I have my website on Ho oponpono (ever tried that? it’s a healing method from Hawaii) on Bluehost and are satisfied with your services.


  6. Jesse Thomas says:

    Yo Matt!
    Long live free market capitalism!

  7. Jesse Thomas says:

    If you are successful, it’s because you deserve it! Nothing is morally superior than that, rather than living off the dole or getting rich from Ratheon and other military welfare outfits of that sort.

  8. Uiqah says:

    i vote for beard, you looks aww with beard……..likewise

  9. Awagirl says:

    Your face looks so much wiser with hairs than without it. Keep that face Matt

  10. Tiernan says:

    Oh come on dude! That looks totally unprofessional.

    Your not a model.

  11. Lloyd says:

    Lose the beard.

  12. Jackie says:

    LOL LOL i stumbled across this post. You have so much money I would think you would show your pretty smile in 90% of your pictures LOL. I guess rich CEOs dont smile. Still very handsome though!

  13. CINderella says:

    NO Beard is my vote and I say u r not handsome but quiet CUTE, Young and Smart. CHEERS!

  14. I like better a photo with beard.
    In there, your eye looks like more pure and energetic~

  15. Beard, definitely beard.

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