1 Million Sites Hosted!

In the next 2-3 days we will surpass the 1 million sites/domains hosted mark across our network. That is a feat beyond all our original expectations and goals. I would like to have said that it was all in our original plan, but it wasn’t.

I clearly remember a “meeting” between Dan Ashworth (My business partner) and myself to discuss what we wanted out of Bluehost. I am a person that shoots high, but sets reasonable, attainable goals for myself. At the time we ran a free hosting company with a paid upgrade option. We had about 10,000 paying customers. We knew we wanted at least that many with Bluehost and hoped if we really worked hard that we could get up to 20,000 new customers on our (At the time) new platform – Bluehost.com.

Our previous hosting platform relied heavily on a single parter to generate about half of our business. A great day for us was 40 new hosting customers, and a terrible day was less than 20. The big partner (Bravenet.com) eventually started doing their own free hosting and that left us in a bind. In hindsight I am SO GLAD they left. It really was a major factor in the decision to start Bluehost – Thanks Bravenet! Now a terrible day is 650 signups and a great day is 850 signups. Its amazing how things can change in just a few short years.

Thanks of course go to the real people that make it happen day in and day out – The Bluehost/Hostmonster staff. You are all incredible! Our hosting family is what sets us apart from other hosting companies out there.

1 Million down – 10 million to go!!!

Thanks everyone who hosts with us – we appreciate every last one of you!

Matt Heaton / President Bluehost.com

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  1. […] According to Heaton, the initial goals of BlueHost were actually to reach only approximately 20,000 domains.  You don’t need a calculator to tell you they’ve already well surpassed that goal, now getting something in the neighborhood of 850 signups per day – perhaps much more. […]

  2. Kim says:

    Nice job Bluehost! Shoot for the stars. 10 million is on the way:)

  3. Prashant Shah says:

    1 million is fantastic. Could you also please scale up your LIVE CHAT employees so that we do get “live” chat and not an average delay of 3 minutes between responses.

  4. AMRZXC says:

    you are very very good company

    am one for million

    http://www.amrzxc.com :)

  5. Suthan says:

    You guys are the best hosting company.. Good job on the achievements and goodluck boss!

  6. Jim Davison says:

    Hi Matt, Dan and the Staff
    I have used several hosting companys over the past 12 years. In the old days (The early 90s I hosted from the office) but now it is not monitarily viable to have that much bandwidth piped into one office. Not at the speeds the average users have these days.
    The last hosting company was a very large company I will not say the name but it is one EVERYONE has heard of. Man was that ever a mess when tech problems came up. And they did quite offten. You system is the best. You Staff our great and we certainly appreciate the reliability and the good support when we needed it and that is not very offten. The only problem I have is with Dada Mail. I know that is not your company but they are in my opinion terible to work with and I will not try again to use them. But the cool thing is that is the only thing I can find that is not tip top. And that is not a big problem as you have other solutions and we do not have to use it.
    Good luck and it is inspiraring to see that your dream went way beyond what
    you had origanaly Wanted.
    Jim Davison

  7. omer says:

    Great Work.. Now you should also include dedicated servers or semi-dedicated servers ..

  8. Donna says:

    I believe I’ve been with bluehost for maybe about 10 years or more (Zero-Catch was offering Free hosting at the time). Over this time they’ve been so easy to deal with. Pricing hasn’t changed much, and I’ve hardly had any issues over 10 years, maybe 5 issues which were resolved very easily and quickly. That’s a great reliable track record. What a nice success story for Bluehost to succeed their own expections and continuing to do so. Great work! I promote them as RELIABLE hosting for over 12 years I’ve been using Bluehost.

  9. Abdirahman says:

    I have been with bluehost for 3 years and never been happier. In fact, I moved all my customers to bluehost. What most amazed me is the reliability and loading speed of the shared hosting. I am looking forward to see blue host offering dedicated hosting.

  10. corhen says:

    Mr. Heaton,

    Today, your company dumped a good customer without warning or just cause. Out of the blue today, you made the decision to unplug all of Scott Johnson’s Frogpants network of podcasts, blogs and social media. It is difficult to estimate how many potential customers you have given error to today, but in iTunes alone, you have refused service to possibly 100,000+ people. Those people need to know who is suddenly preventing them from accessing what they’re looking for.

    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you – since it’s your job to know such things – but you have just dumped:

    An entire network of podcasts and blogs, comprising a dozen very successful podcasters who have disparate audiences of thousands and in some cases tens of thousands of listeners.
    A massive web of highly effective social media mavens, most of whom have thousands of followers in Twitter.
    Media that has an unusually high international reach, with well above-average numbers of listeners outside of the United States.
    One of the top 100 podcasts in the world, according to listeners in iTunes, The Instance.
    A cursory glance at your own Twitter feed makes it clear that you don’t understand or value the power and utility of social media. Today’s bit of bad business by you was clearly the result of cold, hard calculation: you made an agreement with Scott Johnson that appears to be less profitable than breaking the agreement. So much for almost every claim on your website “guaranteeing” “unlimited” “reliable” hosting that is “better” and “professional”. The statement on your site, “we specialize in customer service” can now be considered laughable.

    Of course, everyone involved with the Frogpants network will be henceforth opposed to patronizing your apparently fly-by-night operation. The Internet meme you might become aware of is this: Get out of the blue.

    I encourage any and all customers of Bluehost.com to get out of the blue, before Bluehost.com suddenly leaves all of your content un-hosted. Get out of the blue as soon as it is feasible for you to stop paying a company that cannot be trusted with your blogs, forums, videos, podcasts and pictures. I am not suggesting that any customer stop payment if you owe Bluehost.com money. Don’t be like them, and break an established agreement. Just take the first, honest opportunity to get out of the blue and take your content to another host.

    Mr. Heaton, I sincerely hope that this letter finds you well, and that you take the opportunity to comment below if you have anything to say here. Internet 2.0 is not a bum’s rush. Rather, it is an open and ever-expanding platform upon which those who speak have every opportunity to guide discourse, and those who remain silent increase the value of nothing.

    Those who attempt to do any silencing will find such an attempt to be utterly impotent.

    Thank you.

  11. We have been with bluehost for may years now and have had zero problems over that time. In fact I believe we have called support twice and each time the problem taken care of in several minutes.
    We have been so happy that we have recommended you to many of our customers and friends and I bet they have done the same.
    The addition of new features is always welcome, Postini has been especially great for us.

  12. huang xinhao says:

    seems not a good news to customers. we share the cpu, bandwidth with so many other users.

  13. Arindam says:

    I have several accounts with BlueHost. Recently they suspended one of my account, due to “phishing” attack, though I had nothing to do with it. The support staff just refused to listen to my pleas. They just blocked ALL the domains associated with this account, with no warning whatsoever!

    So much for “reliable”, “friendly” environment.

  14. RAFEy Husaen says:

    What a marvelous achievement!

    RAFEy Husaen

  15. game says:

    Good job on the achievements and goodluck boss! thanks.

  16. Tim Honarith says:

    My site probably down like 50 times in a year. Hopefully the more customers you have shouldn’t effect your server and bandwith performance. I’m just keep my finger cross right now.

  17. teper says:

    I am also going to become bluehost customer


    Latest tips and tricks

  18. Edmund Kang says:

    Hi, Matt Heaton,

    I know this may not be the right way to reach you, but it is the best way. :)

    I work for a Domain Registrar (www.ipmirror.com) and we offer worldwide ccTLDs. With you huge base, surely there will be occasionally need for other country ccTLDs. Do you think we can work thing out?

    I hope to hear from you.
    Best regards and congra on your achievement!

  19. Louderback says:

    Dear Matt Heaton,
    I was moving all around and tried Bluehost because it was recommended, but my website was going down daily and your staff always recited the 99.99% up-time, which meant it gave Bluehost 42 minutes of downtime per month; I was averaging 97% up-time. I left for Media Temple and couldn’t be happier.
    I currently webmaster for the United Cerebral Palsy (ucpworkinc.org) for the Tri-Counties and just the other day the website was down for 13 hours and I’m down again right now, sad to say…
    I’m so glad your happy with your growth, but with growth comes great service which you haven’t delivered.
    I’m going to recommend to the United Cerebral Palsy that it time to move to a better hosting service that doesn’t think about daily numbers but thinks about their clients.
    I’m glad your making money hand over fist, but with that Mr. Heaton, have you forgotten why you entered this arena in the first place?

    I know you’ll never add this to your blog, but there are some unhappy customers that do and have used your hosting service and we’re more than daily stats.


  20. wikie says:

    very good web hosting

  21. Go…………go Matt Heaton – Bluehost Blog ……..wish you all the best…

  22. Kevin says:

    you re Powerful & famous Around The Globe!
    Good Work & appreciate the efforts.

  23. Erik says:

    I’ve used BlueHost for all of my websites and would never use anyone else. Your customer service is unbeatable!

    Thank you for starting BlueHost and for holding your standards high!

  24. Tod says:

    Congratulations! Mr. Heaton, your hosting is the best from all.

  25. Matt says:

    What an accomplishment. I love success stories like this where the person/people exceed their own expectations. Congrats.

  26. Spike says:

    I like it because you can hide out here, and godaddy subs out to you. RIGHT! Not to mention HostMonster.


    Come get smoked!

  27. Rizqi Fahma says:

    It’s not impossible that bluehost could host 10 Million sites. As long the service get better day by day. We hope that bluehost could service us best among the other web hosting.

  28. Carga says:

    Dedicated servers?

  29. andre says:

    love your hosting

  30. Mike Cherney says:

    Come next month, I’m coming over with my domains, and I want to work there!!!!

  31. Jim says:

    Does Pappashop use bluehost to actually host the sites thought to be hosted by Pappashop?

  32. z3im says:

    Good Day,

    No need to more talk, We all know that BlueHost.com is the best Hosting Company since day one.

    Sultan Alenazi
    Web Sites Developer
    z3im.com Manager

  33. Diouane says:

    I recommend bluehost, lately i had to switch from godaddy, the hosting at Godaddy sucks big time.Please beware the wordpress installation at Godaddy wasn’t instant, it took me a day to get the installation done, where as at bluehost it takes a minute as advertised.

  34. Dan says:

    I have many happy web site customers thanks to you.

  35. Mark says:

    Good job! I really like your hosting and good luck!

  36. John G. says:

    I’m REALLY Bummed–I called your Sales Dept. today because I’ve heard a lot of good things about BlueHost and decided to xfer my 18 domains and Web/Email hosting to you guys from G.D., who I really want to jettison, but…your price of $13.99 per domain is hard to justify against $8.99 from one of your major competitors, as it would be $90 more per year JUST for the domains!

    I really want to give you the business, and add to your hosting count, but the price difference is just too steep, and your sales guy, Mitch, said there were no discounts moving a bunch of domains all at once. But if you DO decided to make the domain registration prices a bit more competitive, email me, because I WILL come over to you guys! All the best!

  37. LAW UK says:

    That is an amazing number!! 1 million! It is hard to even get 1 person to host with you!

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