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My name is Matt Heaton. I am the President and CEO of Bluehost.com, Hostmonster.com and Fastdomain.com. This is my personal blog site where I share thoughts and experiences involving the web hosting industry and my personal life. In the past I had almost no information on this page but have recently decided to update it a little with some professional and personal information. Below are some of the “vital stats”.

I am 36 years old
I have been married for 13 years
I have 5 children (4 boys first and then finally got our little girl!)
I was a missionary in Taiwan (Yes, I can still speak Mandarin, but its getting a bit rusty at this point)
I love ping pong, and am a nationally ranked 1650 player (SOON I hope to be above 1800 after I attend the US Open in Las Vegas in July)
I LOVE all things web and am a serial entrepreneur
When I was 21 I open my first computer hardware store (Computer Warehouse), by 23 I had three stores going with about 35 employees
At age 26 I decided to sell off the computer store and concentrate on my web statistics software that I had written on the side while I still owned Computer Warehouse.
The web statistics software went very well and eventually transferred over to starting a business where I did free hosting.

If you have comments or just want to say “HI!” you can always email me directly at matt@bluehost.com.

Matt Heaton / Bluehost.com

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  1. Bronson Page says:

    I love your service and am so glad that you don’t have entries like this one:


    On your blog. Thanks for offering much better service and blog material than Godaddy.

  2. Hi Matt,

    I have an account with Bluehost for east33.org, a project of my Native Return, LLC business. I am going to transfer my GoDaddy domains and Native Return webhosting to another provider based on my opinion of what GoDaddy’s CEO has done. (boasting about killing elephant and leopard) See http://www.east33.org

    Please be honest. What is your position on hunting? I am looking for a provider who I can use for my own businesses and to recommend to others who love wildlife.

    I appreciate your candor. Thank you.

    My best,

    Christina Kobland
    5 Johns Lane, Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
    (t) 610-834-7848 (f) 610-834-3043
    (e) christina@nativereturn.com

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  3. Hi Matt, Your Web Pros has enjoyed Bluehost hosting since 2009. We have numerous sites with you and numerous clients on your economy hosting. God bless you and your family!

    John Doyle

  4. Marcus Williams says:

    Thanks for yor entrepreneural skill etc. It stems from your misionary background. Thanks to God. WIsh you Gods best.

  5. wtf i was thinking of hosting here but after reading all this latest shit – i will just stay a fucked up godaddy. thanks to all those who warned me above!

  6. Kenny Phair says:

    The level of service and support far exceeded any other person I have ever had a website with. I am very pleased to have Blue Host and thank you for your services. When doing this endeavor it seemed overwhelming, but your sales team help in finding a domain name and your tech supports help working with my development team and offering suggestions has been invaluable. Thanks for building a company that has helped me build something I have been wanting to do for years.

    K.L. Phair
    K.L. Phair L.L.C.

  7. Hi Matt,

    Very impressive carrier path. I never thought I would talk to you are send feedback to you about your hosting. But now I do….

    I am a happy customer of Bluehost for my personal website where I hosted my pictures. Recently I bought new account with you, it tells how happy customer I am. There is some miscommunication between your customer support and the way I understood to move my content from old account to new account. I did not move my content to new account and asked to set old account expire automatically. Now guess what my old one is expired yesterday July 29th, Today is July 30th I realized my files are gone and need to move. I talked to some one midnight at 2 AM which is just 2 hours passed expired time ( after checking expired mail from you)/. They said no way I can do it unless you want to renew your account for a month and cost you $9.95. I talked to billing department next day answer is same. I have been a customer for so long and still a customer. What the heck you are talking I can’t get access to my files to move to my new account in same server and I have to pay for month to move, is there any thing you can do and I can move right now. The answer is NO. I end up paying $9.95 to get my content. May be my fault not moving before they are expired, I thought they move for me( that was the misunderstanding I had few moths back when I bought new account for 3 years). it is not about paying $10 bucks, it is about how you are treating your customer, you are not a Federal government immigration department where rules are set and hard. We are in customer service oriented world, to move my files to new account there should be some thing your team can do forme to keep me happy or they can move them in single click which takes lesst han 2 minutes for them. I am not a happy camper, I wanted to bring this to your attention, it is not about $10, it is about how pissed off I am when nothing can be done for me….

  8. Kadri says:

    Hey Mr. Matt, you are such an inspiration and I really love your company that I’m spreading the word across my country (Barbados) about Bluehost, changing the minds of site owners to switch to Bluehost even though I never remembered about my affiliate account lol, I was with you for just about 6 years…

    Anyway, I am here begging on my knees, for Bluehost to develop an iphone/ipad hosting account app. This is all that is currently missing from Bluehost… Keep up the good work :)

    Kadri Walcott
    +1 (246) 433-1643

  9. kim collins says:

    Matt isint doing any of that he has some secrets and i know all better get ready matt.

  10. eggoez says:

    you are too great, I salute 😉

  11. Jason Moe says:

    For $5.95 a month I’m going to have to give Bluehost a try.

  12. Jagadish says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’ll be in the Provo area for a week, starting November 4th. I am very keen to meet some Table Tennis players and play if possible.

    I play competitively at the District level in India and I do not have a USATT rating.

    Let me know if you can spare some time.

  13. caprivhia says:

    Hello Matt,

    I just buy host for the first time in my life. I have no web study background and I still need to learn a lot of thing in website world. that’s why I decided to buy the unlimited host. i expected a lot about my first website on my name http://caprivhia.com and what I did so far is installing script and learn, then uninstalling again, and install again till I understand and feel comfort to which script I will use. I am also installing and uninstalling plugins many times. The unlimited hosting is really helping for a newbie like me.

    I recommend your host for my readers and drive them to sign up on bluehost. I learn about the affiliate system too.

    wish me luck,


  14. bruce decker says:

    Don’t use this service. Many better oprtions out there from reputable companies. Don’t belive their manufactured positive reviews.

    I’ve been burned by this guy and would never entrust him with anything I do ever again.

  15. Jon says:

    Hi Matt, it is great to get to learn a little bit about you. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Helmi says:

    Hi Matt, I like your hosting company, I’ve been using it for about 1 year now. I love the multiple domain add on feature. It allows me to have multiple domains with one hosting.

    Keep up the good work Matt!

  17. Terry says:

    Time for you to knock some heads … I understand that Bue Host bought JustHost.

    We just dumped JustHost for a series of incredible offenses, which may some day earn it a lawsuit. The Three Stooges and Katzenjammer Kids manifested more common sense and intellect.

    Would be happy to discuss it with you.

  18. shahin says:

    My name is Shahin, i had bluehost account last year, this year i fail to pay via credit card/debit card. I had my debit card and now its not valid. Since then i try to pay via moneybookers/skrill service but i am not sure if bluehost.com can implement the payment gateway, i had many friends who also like bluehost but not able open hosting account due to they don’t have alternative payment except moneybookers.

    So my request is if you have any chance to look into this issue and help us using bluehost as our hosting provider.

  19. Jasper says:

    Hi Matt,
    It is nice to read this page about you and your family.
    We are happy after transfer http://www.chinatravelkey.com to bluehost.
    Keep the great job.

    Happy Chinese new year 😉

  20. Tabarak says:

    Hey Matt,

    Your hosting services are the best i have ever tested but i have few thing to let you know, please do something about the Cpanel branding bug, unlimited hosting for resellers too, site move services coz no one can move sites to your server, so please do something i want to move all my sites to your server.

    Thank You,
    Tabarak Siyal

  21. Tabarak says:

    other then that you have THE BEST SERVICES HOSTING AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT both.

  22. Derek Pater says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience’s,

    Yesterday I just purchased web hosting and a domain from blue host
    who was reccomended to me by a web designer friend.

    Derek Pater

  23. Faraz Ahmed says:

    Hi Matt,

    Iam with bluehost since past 4 years and I love your service and support.

    Thanks and best regards
    Faraz Ahmed.

  24. Bilal says:

    Hi Matt,
    Thank you for update your professional and personal information. I have been staying with your BlueHost for two years. Currently I’m on SkyBlue reseller package. http://www.jessorehost.com is my primary domain. I’m here in Bangladesh. Your BlueHost services is great.
    Thank you.

  25. Johny says:

    As my first web hosting and will be my last web hosting provider. Bluehost impressed me with its service and support.

    Best Regards


  26. C says:


    We are with bluehost since one year now.

    Some stuff are goods, some are not.

    I was satisfied at the beginning.

    The company changed the live chat and now it is really working bad: slow, bug, queue very long not going trough. I think you shoudl go back to the previous versin of this chat which was much better seriously.


  27. Gari says:

    really Great achievement I hope you will reach World #1 hosting Company Soon.!!

  28. Zeeshan Ali says:

    Hi Matt, hope your doing fine and enjoying every moment of your married life with your family… I am 20 at the moment and already following you as a business man, I have been using hostmonster for nearly 4 year to now where i have 35 domains now! i love the service i get from hostmonster but a problem started recently which is, where i have to wait for 2 – 15 mins to just to chat to one of your customer service representative… apart from that its all perfect, thanks

    God bless you and your family

  29. Dave says:

    I have 12 sites running on Bluehost and have been a customer for more than 5 years. Within the last year performance has been slipping, and yes I do know what is attributable to what I am running vs. the total load on the server.

    Within the last 30 days all of my sites have been dead in the water for at least an hour. I always get the same apologetic response from the live chat tech.

    But now I am done. I am trying to run a business and clearly shared hosting with BlueHost is not up to that task. So I am off to find good VPS hosting, thanks Bluehost for the headache of needing to move a dozen sites.

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